So I was just watching Jordan Moeller's wonderful free skate and it got me to thinking about Kori Ade and her work with Jordan and Jason.

I also had the thought flash through my brain that Mirai said she'll start looking for a coach after Nationals... (according to icenetwork)

This made me think... I wonder what Mirai and Kori would be like together. Something tells me the environment in Colorado with Jason and Jordan would be really great for her, and in an article on icenetwork earlier this season Kori mentioned looking forward to building her base in Colorado. Mirai seems to do well surrounded by other top competitors and if Japan full time is too much, Colorado would still be a great way for her to get out of her comfort zone. That might also mean Mirai and Rohene working together too, which could be full of possibility.

I know this is a strange thought, especially to have int he middle of nationals, but hey... it could be interesting right? I realize I'm putting the horse before the cart a little with this thought but it crossed my brain and I figured it might be fun to share it with other GS posters and hear what others thought of such a hypothetical match up.