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I call BS on the race card people are trying to pull. Imo, Mirai vs. Ashley per the USFSA's criteria Wagner was always going to win. We've all gone over this ad nauseum in other threads, but imo the real controversy was sending an untried Polina Edmunds who only had a junior record to Mirai's results in the senior ranks. Would Polina have skated as well as she did this past season if she had to face the likes of Asada, the Russians, Kostner, or Kim? We'll never know. But I will always say that it is unfair to compare the results from junior events to those of a skater who had to skate against the top guns most of the last two years. Mirai , as well as Ashley and Gracie certainly faced them at one time or another. Polina's first test against them will be at the crown jewel of figure skating - the Olympics. I think that is grossly unfair to a skater who had to duke it out in the senior ranks for four years. Jmo.
I can see the debate there, there are skaters who go to the Olympics before even going to Worlds, there always will be. For Polina, and any skater like her, it seems to go one way: Either they're a deer in the headlights, or they skate with nothing to lose. I would be cautious about proclaiming the Russian girls, especially Lipnitskaia, shoo-ins for medals. Never predict at the Olympics. Keep in mind, Julia has never been to Worlds, this is her biggest test yet and the Olympics are in home ice. She'll be under a lot of pressure, as will Sotnikova, though Sotnikova has a bit more experience. Que sera, sera. How about we give Ashley a clean slate. It seems everyone is ready to declare Gracie the new big star over Ashley based solely on US nationals. Again, don't count the medals before they won.

I don't understand why the whole race thing is being played. Really? Then why send the Shibs to Sochi, or as someone else said, Zhang/Bartholomay. Why make what is already a difficult decision even uglier?

And I think it is reprehensible that cyberbullies are leaving hateful messages against Ashley on her FB site as well as Twitter. Shame on those cowards hiding behind a computer screen
"You hide behind computer screens so that you don't have to be seen. How can a person be so mean?" to quote Fergie. It's disgusting. Ashley. did not. make. the choice. Don't hate on her. Mirai isn't hating on her Ashley, why are these bullies? I'll never understand why some fans feel the need to be so ugly. You don't do the skaters any favours.