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Thread: TV Schedule in the U.S. for Nationals

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    TV Schedule in the U.S. for Nationals

    I thought I would post the skating schedule that I have seen on TV for people in the U.S.

    Note all times posted are in Central standard time

    2pm - 5pm; NBC
    7pm - 10pm; NBC

    2pm - 4pm; NBC

    Lots of skating this weekend; which is nice since I'm nursing a broken foot this weekend.

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    Thanks for the post. Sorry about your foot.

    So, add an hour for Eastern time, right?

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    I think it's 3-6 on the East Coast

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    Sorry about your foot, Amei, but at least you'll have distractions with the skating. It's started, and man, is Davis/White's short program splendid. I expected something a bit kitschy, like Oksana Baiul's long program in 1994, but Meryl and Charlie bring out the frothy romanticism in the music.

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