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Thread: Senior Ladies FS

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    As I recall, the 1996 Grand Prix assignments did come out and Rudy was not assigned to Skate America, probably because the USFSA didn't want him and Todd Eldredge to skate against each other so early in the season. I imagine Rudy took that as a sign that he would never be considered the #1 US skater and since there were lots of opportunities in pro skating at the time, he abruptly retired from amateur skating.

    Anyone else remember this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mskater93 View Post
    I liked my answer better as it makes more sense than ridiculous conspiracy theories. He got a great offer of $$$$ for pro skating because at the time, COI was going strong and he was a sentimental favorite of many long time skating fans. He was older (I believe almost 29) and was tired of living day to day trying to make it as a competitive skater where he couldn't even afford a car and biked everywhere. Also, I suspect he thought he had lightening in a bottle that year and thought any results which were worse would be bad for potential COI or SOI
    I was in San Jose for the great performance that Rudy gave that night. For years he toiled in singles (after Kristi left the pairs partnership) not getting the marks he sometimes deserved. Money or lack thereof was always an issue so he chose to leave competitive skating on a high note and, yes, take the $$$$ skating as a pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwanatic View Post
    Haven't read through the thread (didn't bother trying to login during the competition; someone on Twitter said the site went down anyway ) and I've posted all of my thoughts on my blog (I'd post a link but the admins may fuss at me ) but my quick thoughts:

    Gracie: I thought she was really good. She held up under the immense pressure and delivered. I think she looked poised and polished and she deserved the win. I hope she's able to keep it up and skate like this in Sochi.

    Polina: She was fearless and really went for it. I thought she deserved a medal but I do think her inflated PCS are what made the difference b/w silver and bronze here. I can't argue her being named to the team but I don't necessarily agree with it either.

    Mirai: So proud of her. She delivered better than anyone that night and the crowd responded to her the same way they responded to Jason Brown (ie. they lost their freakin' minds and were on their feet before the ending). I feel so terrible for her. She did her job on the night it's supposed to count but, unfortunately, this sport is nearly equal parts "what you've done in the past" as it is "what you do in the present." That's the reason skaters can have a bad skate and the commentators will say, "But the judges know what he/she can do..."; they receive scores based on reputation. This is nothing new. It's just sad Mirai is the odd person out this year...

    Ashley: Really disappointed in her. I truly thought she'd put up a much better fight than that. I do think she deserved a spot on the team but I'm not happy that it came at the expense of Mirai. Then again it'd be hard to bump Polina off seeing as she came in 2nd...but then again, if the judges hadn't inflated her PCS, Mirai may have beaten her...

    It's a crappy situation either way you look at it. Unfortunately, controversy is already swirling around figure skating and the Olympics haven't even started yet.
    I agree 100% with everything you just wrote, Kwanatic. I so hope there is a happy ending to Mirai's skating career. This isn't it. I have this half hope that Wagner will bow out of Worlds and Nagasu will wow the Japanese audience as she always does. Thanks for writing this, Kwanatic, it's basically what I think too.

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