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details :
1-sebestyen (3salko; 3lutz,2too; 3loop; 2lutz; 3flip; 3too,2too; 2axel)
2-liashenko(3lutz,2too; 3flip; 3too; 3flip,2too; 3salko; 3lutz; 2axel)
3-sokolova(3lutz,3too; 3flip; 3loop,3too; 3loop; 2lutz; 2axel)
Sokolova's second 3-3 was a 3salchow/3toe, not a 3loop/3toe. She also finished second in the free behind Sebestyen, to take the bronze overall.

For whoever asked - yes, the atmosphere was amazing with the Hungary crowd and Julia & Viktoria so high up! Apparently every newspaper and magazine had Julia on it after the SP too, and there was so much pressure on her (I don't think Hungary has ever won ladies gold at Euros before), but she handled it and skated great. She was so happy in the K&C when she found out she won!