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Thread: The Inevitable Mirai Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BravesSkateFan View Post
    I don't know why everyone is making it out to be such a controversy that Ashley made the team. If you look a the selection criteria, Ashely is clearly the first pick for the team and Gracie clearly the second.
    Because people hate that the rules the USFSA put in place were actually used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetskates1 View Post
    Mirai should have placed second last night. Polina did not deserve higher PCS despite the uncharacteristic lack of choreography in Mirai's FS. Mirai at least deserves to be sent to Worlds. That will give her time to be coached in Japan and launch a career there. Once she reinstates her name in the list of international medal contenders, she should compete for Japan. We will continue to love and cheer for her as loudly as we have now if not louder. Polina has given the US fed nothing - nothing. Mirai has produced World Junior championships Bronze and Silver, World Junior Grand Prix gold, Four Continents Bronze and GP medals of all colors. Plus she is a national champion (should have been national champion twice!). The US does not appreciate Mirai, Japan will. We always will.
    The US Federation does not appreciate Mirai - but plenty of US skating fans do. And I agree about the rest.

    Quote Originally Posted by Figure 8's View Post
    If they want to maintain the 3 spots, they won't sent Marai. Ask yourself, what has Marai done for US Figure skating lately? I feel bad for Marai but she has had so many chances already and has never stepped up.
    Her name is Mirai - not Marai.

    Quote Originally Posted by kzarah View Post
    Just want to say that Mirai was screws and Ashley Wagner will be a poor representation. Even a clean skate in the short program will not put her in the top six. Mirai would make the top 8 at least. What a shame. However Mirai is an alternate event that Ashly is injured.
    Mirai is an alternate in the event that ANY of the 3 women on the team are injured, not just Ashley. And much as I wanted Mirai in Sochi, I don't want anyone injured.

    Quote Originally Posted by travelbug View Post

    Thanks for posting that!

    I think the outpouring of support Mirai is getting (and will continue to, I suspect) may be a huge, huge thing for her and where she goes moving ahead.

    I hope that sweet girl realizes that while she may have been there alone, no coach or advocate, her skate, how she's handled the decision, and her just being herself has got a lot of people who are standing with her, hoping she'll continue to skate now that she's got - in many ways - a motivation to prove that she deserved to go, and who love seeing her back on the ice and smiling.

    ETA: What was that music she was skating to at the Gala? Anyone know? (I'm sure someone does...LOL)
    It's the theme from the film "On Golden Pond".

    Quote Originally Posted by RobinA View Post
    Not mention the fact that she doesn't have a coach. She made it quite easy for the USFSA to make this decision.
    I wasn't aware that not having a coach was part of the listed criteria for being kept off of an Olympic even though you won bronze.

    Quote Originally Posted by kwanatic View Post
    No Puffs, but my Kleenex will work just fine.

    OH MY GOD! I'm having horrible flashbacks to Michelle's "Fields of Gold" EX in 2002 in SLC. I hardly ever cry over figure skating anymore but this is heartbreaking...
    Michelle's "Fields of Gold" Ex in SLC was the first time in my life that I ever let the tears flow for an exhibition performance and it it didn't happen again until I watched Mirai's "On Golden Pond" EX.

    OT but Adam created a masterpiece with Mirai's OGP Expo. I loved it the first time I watched it during Mirai's GP Expos. This one's a keeper. I'll be watching it for years to come. ♥

    Quote Originally Posted by ivy View Post
    Can anyone clarify the time deduction? I assume she went long - but by how much. I doubt she could hear the music over the ovation - that seems unfair to me
    She went over by a second - if only she had sped up her Biellmann just a little she would have finished on time.

    Quote Originally Posted by drivingmissdaisy View Post
    Because people hate that the rules the USFSA put in place were actually used.
    Used and not consistently with all of the skaters, or so it would seem. Especially Worlds selections.

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