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    So there I am on the bus to go to the donners appreciation breakfast when I start getting texts that nobody can get into the TD . Seems the powers that be have changed the entranes again for the third time.
    But somebody wakes up and directs us to the largest donner breakfast ever. So many people joined FOFS at the event they ran out of tables! Glad all that new money is going to young skaters. Dick Button's speach was wonderful. Finally got a good pic of me with Lynn and Logan. Well, at least they look good! I dont look so good after 8 days

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    I continue to be amazed at how even large-scale arenas and other attractions have such poor communication to front line employees and such lack of getting basic information to their customers. Don't even get me started on Busch Gardens Williamsburg, a national rather than regional attraction, and its inability to make sure front line staff know about special events (especially involving customers coming in before or after regular hours) or to adequately, accurately, and consistently advertise special events and programs.

    Not surprised no one knew where to direct you == at least finally they got you in. What sort of donors were being thanked? USFS donors, I guess?

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