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Thread: Favorite Performance from US Nationals?

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    Favorite Performance from US Nationals?

    What was your favorite program-- long or short-- from Nationals 2014?

    Mine were:

    Pairs: Felicia Zhang & Nate Bartholomay FS

    Ladies: Samantha Cesario FS

    Ice Dance: Chock & Bates FD (surprisingly)

    Men: Douglas Razzano FS (!!)

    (Sorry if someone already started a thread like this! I've been unable to sign in for days so not really caught up.)

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    Men: Jason Brown L.p., Ross Miner's LP, Doug Razzano L.P.
    Ladies: Cesario L.p.. She had the best ever villainous Carmen. Mirai as Bond Girl Vs in 2nd.
    Pair's: Castelli & Shnapir sp. Nothing else came close.
    Dance: Opposite problem. A whole flight of wonderful performances. Shoutout to Hawayek & Baker 's Amelie fd in juniors too, even though flawed. C&b sd, Shibs' fd, d&w fd. All wonderful. Also shoutout to Reynolds & Reynolds Cats FD, and Cannuscio & Bramante FD, Lynn&Logan's Spartacus FD

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    Ladies: Nagasu LP, Barbie Long SP (but wow is she slow compared to the top ladies). Gold sort of but only technically- she is still very much lacking something. Honestly in general I found the ladies underwhelming and also incredibly stressful... I really do think I am best suited to watching high pressure competitions on my couch at home with my infamous bottle of wine and should stick to GP events and non Oly year nationals for maximum enjoyment.

    Dance: As Doris says, opposite problem. I though D/W FD and C/B SD were INCREDIBLE standouts. I also really liked Aldrige/Eton, and Shibs FD. Everyone in the top 6 was amazing in the long though.

    Pairs: Zhang/Bartholomy have some nice qualities, and C/S SP was great. Otherwise also underwhelming.

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    If I must choose just one...

    Men: Jeremy Abbott's short program
    Ladies: ugh I just can't talk about the ladies rn, je refuse!
    Pairs: Felicia and Nate's FS performance
    Dance: Davis & White's Shez

    Honorable Mentions:
    Jason Brown's everything
    Max's improvement
    Richard Dornbush's short program performance
    Josh Farris's long program
    Hannah Miller's long program
    Polina's short program performance
    Cesario's long program
    C/B for finally rising to the challenge of the powerful music in their FD.
    Shibs for listening to the constructive criticism of their FD and noticeably improving it.

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    Jason Brown, Max Aaron's free skate, Jeremy's performances, Mirai's performances, Ross Miner's free skate, Doug Razzano, Josh Farris, Samantha Caesario's free skate, Felicia & Nate, Ricky's short program, Meryl & Charlie The Shibs

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    Amber Glenn FS, Jason Brown FS and SP, Jeremy Abbot SP, Gracie Gold FS.

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    Men: Max Aaron & Ross Miner's FS & Ricky Dornbush's SP
    Ladies: Gracie Gold SP/FP
    Dance: Davis & White; Chock & Bates

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