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Thread: Ladies SP - 2014 European Championships

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    Please don't say montalbano had a failed partnership. Poor girl broke her ankle and had two surgeries. He wouldn't wait for her. They were 11 two years ago here . I hate to keep defending her but rumors that arent true are awful. Shes wirking so hard. Last surgery was under skates with a plate a year ago
    Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiKike View Post
    Next group:

    Laurine Lecavelier FRA: Competed junior internationally but is being sent over more deserving senior. Typical french pick!
    Dasa Grm SLO: Back at Euros after Glescic retired. Still havent figured out how to pronounce her name.
    Marta Garcia ESP: First time Spain sends a second lady!
    Anita Madsen DEN: It's all about her coaches
    Danielle Montalbano ISR: Decided to try singles again after a failed partnership with Krasnapolski who is competing here with his new partner.

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    Thanks to everyone for PBPs!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mao88 View Post
    Well, given that you are a Rachael Flatt fan, your views on what you regard as a 'good' skater have always struck me as being rather eccentric.

    Julia is a fabulous skater
    Well put. Very diplomatic...

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianSkaterGuy View Post
    Don't worry, the Russians will prop up her PCS score higher than it should be (i.e. 32+ range) in Sochi, just like Cup of Russia and Nationals.

    Yet again, a clean Sotnikova beats a clean Lipnitskaia (and yet again, the vast majority of us aren't surprised and you're, well, the same as ever ).
    The Russians? That's funny - I thought that at the Olympic Games it was an international panel of judges. If they do prop up Lip, Sot, or both it will be because judges from around the globe agreed to do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Layfan View Post
    Wow, all three top ladies were fierce. Here's hoping they keep it up through the FS. How interesting will the Olympics be then?
    I think Julia looks young but her skating doesn't. Amei makes a good observation that her programs seem to aim for childlike innocence. I think they may have chosen to go that way because she is so young and looks so young so it's tricky. I don't know that I love the wide-eyed theme of her programs but I do enjoy the choreography itself and her delivery, if that makes sense. Her character in her LP makes me uncomfortable because, actually, Julia isn't a child so why is she playing one? But then she starts skating and I forget all about it and I find her almost mesmerizing. Her pieces are well put together to show her actually skating and dance in between her tricks.
    Adelina's SP on the other hand is clearly aimed at saying: I'm a senior lady now. And it works!

    Julia reminds me of Sasha because she's so fun to watch and yet people are criticizing her "skating skills." Can someone explain? She doesn't seem as wobbly as Sasha sometimes was.

    Leonova doesn't go down easily does she??? Okay, I haven't watch her. I can't decide if I want to because this is exactly how I feel about her:
    Julia is only 15 years old. Of course she's still just a child, albeit an older one. Everyone matures at different times. Some girls that age still play with dolls. She certainly isn't a woman. I don't know about your neck of the woods but in my area a child is also legally anyone that is a minor.

    Julia has said that she isn't necessarily portraying the very young little girl in Schindler's List but rather, IIRC, she seemed to say that she was more of a representation of all the children who suffered the nightmare that was the Holocaust.

    I watched all of the videos. Leonova is as perky and cute as ever. I like her 'Kalinka' SP. Adelina, and Julia were spot on, Carolina was ethereal although her program seemed almost like an exhibition skate. And as someone suggested upthread, her low-cut costume seemed perhaps not appropriate for 'Ave Maria, which is obviously a religious-themed song.

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    Haha -- I just watched Leonova's SP. I haven't laughed so hard watching skating in a long time.

    Intentional comedy? Or unintentional?

    Normally I don't comment on skaters I don't enjoy watching, but in this case I can't say I didn't enjoy ... it was funny! Russian Hillbilly comes to mind! Some people like that style I guess.

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    1. Adelina SOTNIKOVA (RUS) - 70.73 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy, 5th Copy, 6th Copy
    2. Julia LIPNITSKAIA (RUS) - 69.97 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy, 5th Copy, 6th Copy
    3. Carolina KOSTNER (ITA) - 68.97 SP, 2nd copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy, 5th Copy, 6th Copy, 7th Copy
    4. Alena LEONOVA (RUS) - 64.09 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
    5. Mae Berenice MEITE (FRA) - 58.64 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 5th Copy
    6. Valentina MARCHEI (ITA) - 57.38 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
    7. Elene GEDEVANISHVILI (GEO) - 54.78 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
    8. Elena GLEBOVA (EST) - 54.68 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    9. Joshi HELGESSON (SWE) - 54.25 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    10. Nathalie WEINZIERL (GER) - 53.02 Short Prorgram, 2nd Copy
    11. Viktoria HELGESSON (SWE) - 52.55 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    12. Juulia TURKKILA (FIN) - 50.42 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    13. Laurine LECAVELIER (FRA) - 49.12 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    14. Nicole RAJICOVA (SVK) - 49.00 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
    15. Roberta RODEGHIERO (ITA) - 48.52 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    16. Eliska BREZINOVA (CZE) - 47.10
    17. Natalia POPOVA (UKR) - 47.01 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    18. Anne Line GJERSEM (NOR) - 46.63 Short Program
    19. Kaat VAN DAELE (BEL) - 46.18 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    20. Marta GARCIA (ESP) - 44.61 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    21. Inga JANULEVICIUTE (LTU) - 44.24 Short Program
    22. Isabelle OLSSON (SWE) - 43.97 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    23. Agata KRYGER (POL) - 43.59
    24. Jenna MCCORKELL (GBR) - 39.59 Short Program

    Complete Ladies Short Program, Ladies SP Groups 1+2, Ladies SP Groups 3+4, Ladies SP Groups 5+6

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