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I think she should stick with Mura if she can. In a just few weeks under him, she basically erased her UR issue (only one triple jump in her last 4 performances got dinged (her opening 3F-2T at nationals)). I think she needs a polisher, a la John Nicks but not John Nicks. Someone to really give her that presence and command that she needs to make people take notice...that also ties into her programs and packaging. I like her SP this year and her FS isn't bad either. I thought she gave more personality in her FS at nationals but the program was cleaner at COR b/c she stayed in time with the music. Her nationals FS seemed incomplete b/c she was breathing her way through the program, focusing on keeping herself calm, which was fine IMO b/c she needed to skate cleanly and she did. She can't do that every time though, which is why she needs someone to tighten everything up and help it flow better.

If she continues to skate I'm sure she'll find a coach. But for now her dance coach seems to have a calming influence on her. At 4CC in 2011 she was there instead of Frank and Mirai skated lights out in the FS. Hopefully she'll travel with her to 4CC this year too.
Given her problems with the USFSA, I think she needs an American coach, or at least a coach who works in the US.