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We had a coach sitting behind us at Nats for most of the week and the subject of Mirai and her coaching difficulties came up. We were told that she spent about 4 months training with Doug Ladret in Arizona prior to nationals but he wasn't "attending" her at Nationals. It was also implied that she has been dropped by several coaches. Not sure if that's true or if their parting was mutual.

I think if Mirai is to continue skating, and I hope she does, that she needs to pull up her big girl panties figuratively, get a coach and get the focus. She certainly has the talent.
If this person was indeed a coach, I think it was irresponsible of him to be talking about Mirai's coaching situation/difficulties, and especially to be implying that she was dropped by coaches, etc.

At any rate, it was nice to see Mr. Mura with Mirai at 4CC.