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Thread: Am I Too Old?

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    Re: Too Old???

    <em>Lanechka, if you skate where Bebe Liang and Danielle Kahle skate, then you are skating at the rink where I skate too...small world.</em>

    Wow, really? I know this is OT but I wanted to send you a PM but they're disabled. Maybe we could skate together sometime. (Or maybe I've already seen you before, who knows!)

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    Too old? Never!


    I learned to do a legitimate axel of decent height, distance and flow at the age of 40. I have learned sit spins, camel spins, flying camels, combo spins and all the singles. I have started landing 2 salcow this year (I am turning 41) as well.

    This season, I also learned the brackets, choctaws and all my Adult Gold MITF.

    This year, I got myself a partner and started to learn the techniques of Pairs skating, which is a blast!

    I never skated as a child and began at age 33. Since that time, I have won National and International competition medals, a Gay Games medal (and skated on TV viewed in three countries), performed in 9 "Nutcracker On Ice" shows (8 times in a lead part), choreographed 15 programs and have stayed it terrific shape as a result of all the training.

    There is a skating life for people who began late in life. Many adult competitions have a category for skaters ages 18 - 24 ("Introductory") in addition to the standard adult age groups of 25+.

    If a skater begins at 18, there is an entire Adult Skating testing structure. If you pass your Gold level test, you become eligible to test at the Intermediate level, which is one level below Novice.

    There are very successful Adult Skating National Champions (the medals for adults are the SAME as at Senior Nationals---I know this from personal experience) who began at 18+ years of age, and are National Champions, which is recognized by the USFSA to be as valid as any National Championship at the Senior level.

    If you have any talent outside of your imagination, Craig, you could possibly learn enough between ages 18 and 23 to pass your Senior FS test and be eligible for Regional and Sectional Competition (and maybe Nationals).

    Why limit yourself? What's the purpose of mentally limiting yourself? It seems to me that if you give up your "dream" of being a world class skater so quickly and with such finality without even trying----it might be that you recognize the challenges of skating as a difficult sport and are running away from the challenge.

    You say you would be a great skater? I say,

    "PROVE IT!!!!!!!!"

    and come join us all who wake up at 430 AM to train, train through injuries, choreograph programs, go to competitions, get judged, perform in Ice Shows, make friends, enjoy the sport, have skates of our lives and etc. etc. etc. You are missing out on so much - you really have no idea what the world of Adult Skating is like, or what it has to offer you. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised at what you can experience - which you won't if you limit yourself before even trying.

    I challenge you to join us!!!!


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    Re: Too old? Never!

    As long as you believe you can accomplish something and just do it, anything is achievable. Aim your goals high and even if you fall short, you'll still be above what my may have expected to be at.

    I'm 23 and I still think I can make it into Disney on Ice and I don't even have all my singles jumps let alone nice quality skating. But hey, you only live once, and I'd rather look back and say I tried my best and had fun, than the "what if's."

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    too old?

    Another one for Craig:
    You say your artistic style would be too intense and you would look silly in an adult competition. I am an adult skater, though I do not compete. From what I have seen and tried myself, adults w/ mature developed programs do very well. It is extremely difficult to skate a program. Doing a jump may be well w/in your abilities, but doing the same jump in context when nervous and tired can be daunting.

    Don't count yourself out b/c of the type of program you want to do. I think it would take a beginning skater years to ge to the point of putting together a truly emotional program.

    Get out there and start skating. it is a very rewarding sport. Also frustrating, but that's life no matter what you pursue.

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    Re: too old?

    Hello! I'm new here, I hope you don't mind my just jumping in and posting.

    I've been asking the same thing, "Am I too old?" for a while now. I'm really glad I stumbled onto this board and read all the replies to this topic. I just wanted to thank those of you who responded, you seriously gave me a boost of confidence. I thought all was hopeless, ya know?

    I will be 18 in May. As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to skate. I skate occasionally at the local rink for recreation, and when I was younger my Mom's best friend would give me a few little lessons here and there out at the lake. But basically, that's it. lol When I was 16, I was going to give it a shot, but I was told that I was too old and too tall (I'm 5'6) ... so I didn't pursue it any further. I realize now that, even though I would love to compete one day ... the likelihood of that happening isn't that good. But, nonetheless, I do want to learn. If I don't, I know I will regret not doing so for the rest of my life.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank ya, many of those replies gave me that much needed boost to say ... 'I probably won't ever be able to compete, but I'm going to try to become the best skater I can possibly be, for me.'

    lol I don't know if that makes any sense, sorry if it doesn't. But yea, if any of yall' have advice or words of wisdom, I'd be deeply appreciative! Thanks! Have a great day!


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    Cinderella On Ice

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    Re: too old?

    GirlWithTheHeadphones - It is never too late to begin a sport, learn everything you can about it, strive to constantly improve, and enjoy the heck out of it.

    If you are looking for something that is fun to do, frustrating as heck, and a lot harder than good athletes make it look, skating is just the thing. Anyone can do it, no matter how tall or how old, if they want to. Just be sure you are ready to catch a fever that will leave you passionate for life!

    Having said that, whether or not you ultimately compete is really up to you. I've been off the ice for 30 years (having only been "on" from ages 7-14), and at the age of 45 I am working really hard to get in the groove and be able to compete in my Level III age group. I am determined to do so. Will I ever reach the Olympics? No. Will I make it to Adult Nationals? Quite possibly. Are there other competitions for me? Most assuredly. Will I have an awesome time and keep in shape? Most definitely!!!

    You are only 18. If you are going to start limiting yourself only to sports where you can be an "elite" competitor, you are going to be sitting around on the sidelines for most of your adult life. Get off the bench and get out there!

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