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Thread: Pairs SP 2014 European Championships

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    This was a very well skated event. V/T fully deserve their lead, it was a strong confident performance, they capture the mood of the music so well. I like S/Ss programme but it slightly flawed, when was the last time they had an error on 3thF? They have a lot of work to do catch the Russians, not sure if it is possible, they will need a few errros from V/T.

    I am amazed to see B/L perform decent SBS jumps, they have been so poor all season long, I still think this style of programme works against all of their strenghts. They are still not secure as the Russian No. 2's S/K are breathing down their neck. I would have S/K 3rd with B/L just behind but it is still really close. Another confident performance from the Italians, they have steadily improved over the years, not sure if they have the potential to score over 130 which the Russians in 3rd and 4th can but if they slip up B/H could pick them off. The French performed well they are a bit distant in 5th but should keep it tomorrow. I was very impressed with the Israelis, they have a lot of potential, they didn't hold back and performed their best.

    I also liked the Belarussians, he doesn't look the fittest guy out there, but they performed well. K/K are going downhill she seems to have lost the ability to land the jumps, dissapointing for them to be behind their teammates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amc987 View Post
    There is something about Volosozhar and Trankov's skating that irks me when compared to S/S's. Their elements are almost perfect but I feel so little emotion when I watch them skate. And it's not because they aren't doing choreography or transitions or whatever. It's just that there's nothing fortifying it. At least with S/S, despite the mistakes, I get what they're trying to communicate/ feel like I'm brought along on the ride.

    I might be alone but I hope S/S skate perfectly in Sochi and take the title.
    get over it, V/T have better SP not just the program and elements, they have superb chemistry
    quit the sour graping

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    HD no commentary videos from this user:

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    1. Tatiana VOLOSOZHAR/Maxim TRANKOV (RUS) - 83.98 SP, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy, 5th Copy
    2. Aliona SAVCHENKO/Robin SZOLKOWY (GER) - 76.76 SP, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
    3. Vera BAZAROVA/Yuri LARIONOV (RUS) - 71.70 SP, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy, 5th Copy
    4. Ksenia STOLBOVA/Fedor KLIMOV (RUS) - 70.90 SP, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy, 5th Copy
    5. Stefania BERTON/Ondrej HOTAREK (ITA) - 69.22 SP, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
    6. Vanessa JAMES/Morgan CIPRES (FRA) - 63.23 SP, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
    7. Andrea DAVIDOVICH / Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKI (ISR) - 55.32 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    8. Maylin WENDE / Daniel WENDE (GER) - 55.19 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    9. Nicole DELLA MONICA / Matteo GUARISE (ITA) - 53.65 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    10. Mari VARTMANN / Aaron VAN CLEAVE (GER) - 52.40 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
    11. Daria POPOVA / Bruno MASSOT (FRA) - 52.36 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
    12. Natalja ZABIJAKO / Alexandr ZABOEV (EST) - 50.12 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    13. Maria PALIAKOVA / Nikita BOCHKOV (BLR) - 48.18 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    14. Amani FANCY / Christopher BOYADJI (GBR) - 47.79 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    15. Miriam ZIEGLER / Severin KIEFER (AUT) - 44.79 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    16. Stacey KEMP / David KING (GBR) - 43.98 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    17. Alessandra CERNUSCHI / Filippo AMBROSINI (ITA) - 40. 29 Short Program
    18. Elizaveta MAKAROVA / Leri KENCHADZE (BUL) - 39.94 Short Program
    19. Julia LAVRENTIEVA / Yuri RUDYK (UKR) - 37.96 Short Program
    20. Veronica GRIGORIEVA / Aritz MAESTU (ESP) - 34.97 Short Program

    Complete Pairs Short Program, Complete Groups 1-3, Complete Groups 4-5

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsLiinaLii View Post
    For me it is the other way around. I do not feel anything after watching S/S
    I agree with you, MsLiinaLii, I´ll try to watch S/S programs but I don´t feel anything...

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