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Thread: Chock and Bates free skate

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    Chock and Bates free skate

    Wow! Amazing effort. Just reviewed my photos from their free skate and skate - the toll of the energy they put into their program was evident in their faces as the program proceeded. To me it appeared they put all the energy they had into their program. Hope they take that same desire for victory to Sochi.
    Oh! yes of course the only other team that appeared to me to put as much effort/energy into their was Davis and White - as they have been doing for several years.

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    Davidind12, Welcome to Golden Skate! It's always great to have more dance fans here, IMO!

    Chock & Bates were wonderful at Nationals. Their SD was a real standout, too.

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    They were so lovely.

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    It also goes to show (at least to me) how a program can develop over the course of a season.

    The first time I saw it, I was "whatever" about it. I love the musical "Les Mis" but I'm a bit tired of its overuse in skating.

    But, miracle of miracles, I loved it at Nationals. The power and passion were phenomenal. They made believers out of me with this program.

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