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Thread: There's a petition to send Mirai to Sochi with 4,308 so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha'sSpins View Post
    Agreed. But petitions aren't going to make the USFSA change their minds. The dunderheads.
    Well even if it doesn't change their mind, and the team remains as it is, it will still make a difference since this will give them something to think about, and reflect upon!

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    Over 5000 now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breathesgelatin View Post
    That's just silly. Thousands of teenagers move out of the house at age 17 or 18 - yes, many to go to college, which is arguably a protected environment in some respects, but so would have been Mirai staying with a host family in Palm Springs, which I believe is what Frank said he desired for her. Not to mention many thousands of older teenagers move out of the house completely to get jobs, have their own apartments, pursue dreams in Hollywood, etc. And when you look at elite young figure skaters, I'm sure proportionally many more of them move out on their own or relocate, even across the world, to pursue their dreams.

    Now, perhaps some of Mirai and her family's objections were cultural. Or maybe not, maybe her parents are just uber protective. But in a way, it seem symptomatic of why she hasn't been able to succeed at the highest levels, despite so much clear potential.

    Anyway, I enjoy Mirai and I'm glad she had a good personal performance at Nationals. What's done is done, the decisions of 2010 or 2011 cannot be taken back now. I wish her the best at 4CC, would love to see her on the podium there.
    If you think it is silly then you are not sensitive to cultural differences. In the culture I grew up for example, a girl was expected to live with her parents until marriage.

    In any event, Frank said in interviews that the deciding factor above all was distance. He and Mirai did not have any problems between themselves. He said IIRC that Mirai would arrive 'exhausted' after a 2 hour drive (4 hours roundtrip). That would tax anyone day in and day out. Mirai's family finances were also sited as an issue. Remember that she lost funding as she went down in the ranks. I suspect this is the reason why her choreography hasn't been top drawer these past few years.

    But logistics played the major part in ending their professional relationship.

    When Carroll stopped coaching at the Toyota Sports Center near Los Angeles airport and moved to a rink in Cathedral City so he could be closer to his home in Palm Springs, it left Nagasu (and her mother, who drove) with a four-hour commute two days a week. She worked with a variety of other coaches (and trained some days on her own) at rinks closer to her home in Arcadia the other days.

    Nagasu told me earlier this year that her mother would not let her live on her own near Cathedral City and that such an arrangement would have taxed the family's finances in any case.

    Frank Carroll in the same article quote:
    "There was no problem between us as people," he said. "The two-hour drive each way was too much. She was exhausted by the time she got here."

    Quote Originally Posted by MK's Winter View Post
    How can you say she wasn't willing to take ownership? Money doesn't grow on trees some are limited... She made the choice to go to Japan and train under Mura and has made improvements. She needs more time with him obviously but you can't comment on skaters financials, you don't know them.

    Quote Originally Posted by mary01 View Post
    Well even if it doesn't change their mind, and the team remains as it is, it will still make a difference since this will give them something to think about, and reflect upon!
    Maybe. At least now they know the backlash that can happen when skaters ranked above others are left off of the Olympic team.

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    at this point and time it is time to move on. Mirai has 4ccs and the olympic team needs to focus or the US could find themselves slipping down the ice and hitting a wall. Let the kids sleep and let politics and all be rid of.

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