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I believe this could be said of any elite athlete. I don't know how you can quantify her as the hardest working athlete when compared to Mao, Yuna, Caro, Gracie, Ashley, Akiko, Kanako, Katelyn, Polina, Adelina, Zijun, Hanyu, Patrick, Jeremy, Jason, Javier, Tomas, or anyone else though. They ALL work hard

That's my point. She is every bit as deserving of a medal as ANYONE. It was in response to the people who keep saying she basically isn't worthy of this medal or that medal do to certain constraints they have on the sport. It was in no way to implicate she deserved a medal more but simply as much as any of the other girls competing. I said I wanted the best skater of the night to win. Not the most "seniorish" or reputable and so on and so forth.

It's very easy to quantify that she is ONE of the hardest working athletes in all of sports. Look at the level of competition she has faced and measure her results. Read any article about her work out schedules and intensity level during training. If you factor in she is doing it at 15 yrs old, its easy to be wowed. I'm not saying you need to like her. I'm just trying to curb the notion that she isn't good enough for Gold and if she won it's some conspiracy or a disgrace to the sport in some way. They ALL deserve a medal, who can bring it should be the question.