Here's a question I have that bugs me every time I watch a figure skating competition on TV: why, if so many skaters take ballet and dance to improve their choreography, never go to rétiré when they're in an upright spin?

I'm a dancer, and I was always taught that whatever pirouette/piqué-like turn I was doing, my foot should always be in rétiré (the inside of the foot resting against the side of the knee). And yet, I'm watching all these clips from the European Championships, and not only are the skaters' feet not against their knee in an upright spin, but (especially in the men's competition) it's sickled around their leg (which was a huge no-no to my dance teacher). So, is it just poor training/technique or the skaters being too lazy, because I see this too often from the Russian skaters who should (I assume) know better.

Granted, there are skaters who do go to rétiré in their spins (Kirk, Kostner, Volchkova, OTTOMH), but they are few and far between.

So, what's the deal?