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Thread: 2014 Canadian Nationals - Videos & Results

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    2014 Canadian Nationals - Videos & Results

    Hi Skateluvr,

    Here are the video links you requested:-


    1. Patrick Chan - 277.42 Short Program, Free Skate
    2. Kevin Reynolds - 242.45 Short Program, Free Skate
    3. Liam Firus - 238.13 Short Program, Free Skate


    1. Kaetlyn Osmond - 207.24 Short Program, Free Skate
    2. Gabrielle Daleman - 182.47 Short Program, Free Skate
    3. Amélie Lacoste - 166.69


    1. Meagan Duhamel / Eric Radford - 213.62 Short Program, Free Skate
    2. Kirsten Moore-Towers / Dylan Moscovitch - 209.44 Short Program, Free Skate
    3. Paige Lawrence / Rudi Swiegers - 176.31


    1. Tessa Virtue / Scott Moir - 194.03 Short Dance, Free Dance
    2. Kaitlyn Weaver / Andrew Poje - 183.54 Short Dance, Free Dance
    3. Alexandra Paul / Mitchell Islam - 170.64 Short Dance, Free Dance
    4. Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier - 164.52 Short Dance, Free Dance
    5. Nicole Orford / Thomas Williams - 152.08 Short Dance, Free Dance

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    Mao88, THANK YOU!

    I do not want your efforts ever to get taken for granted, so just want to state for the record what should be obvious to everyone:
    Your extensive history of very generously compiling and organizing video links for countless competitions IN NO WAY obligates you to do so for any future competition.
    And does not obligate you to "take requests."

    With every additional competition, you are going that much further above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks again.

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    You're a Rock Star Mao88!

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    thank you so much!!!

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    Thank you Mao88. May your fave skate great in Sochi.

    And congratulations to Canadians fans. You have two stars in Chan and Osmond. May we see their best in Sochi. Go Canada from US fan!

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    You can find a complete list of Canadian Nationals 2014 final flight videos here...

    Pairs videos
    Ice Dance videos
    Ladies videos
    Mens videos

    Note: MediaFire has a poor video player. If you are having difficulties with the videos, download them and play locally on your computer.

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