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Thread: My Favorite Programs of Sochi Olympians

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    Ladies SP:

    Favorite: Mao Asada - Nocturne
    Runner-ups: Akiko Suzuki - Hymn de l'amour, Kaetlyn Osmond - Sweet Charity, Adelinas Sotinkova - Carmen and Yuna Kim - Send in the Clowns

    Ladies LP:

    Favorite: Julia Lipnitskaya - Schindlers List
    Runner-ups: Akiko Suzuki - Phantom of the Opera and Kaetlyn Osmond - Cleopatra

    Mens SP:

    Favorite: Yuzuru Hanyu - Parisienne Walkways
    Runner-ups: Jason Brown - The question of U, Daisuke Takahashi - Sonatina for Violin, Han Yan - Minor waltz/Viper's Drag and Tomas Verner - Dueling Banjos
    Honorable mention to Nobunari Oda's Cotton Club, which always made me smile!

    Mens LP:

    Favorite: Jason Brown - Riverdance
    Runner-ups: Yuzuru Hanyu - Romeo & Juliet

    Pairs SP:

    Favorite: Pang/Tong - Lady Caliph
    Not following Pairs enough to come up with any other good SPs...

    Pairs LP:

    Favorite: Savchenko/Szolkovy - Nut Cracker
    Runner-ups: Pang/Tong - Les Miserables

    Ice Dance SD:

    Favorite: Pechalat/Bourzat - Big Spender
    Runner-ups: Weaver/Poje - 42nd street and Shibutanis - Michael Buble

    Ice dance FD:

    Favorite: Weaver/Poje - Tango
    Runner-ups: Davis/White - Scheherazade and Pechalat-Bourzat - The little Prince

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    Mao's SP & LP
    Gao's SP & LP
    Julia's LP
    Carolina's SP

    Volosozhar/Trankov's SP
    Savchenko/Szolkowy's LP
    Pang/Tong's LP
    Zhang/Bartholomay's LP

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    Machida's SP
    Takahashi's SP
    Chan's SP and FS
    Reynolds's SP
    Brown's SP and FS
    Brezina's SP

    Akiko's SP and FS
    Yuna's FS
    Kaetlyn's SP and FS
    Ashley's SP
    Carolina's SP and FS
    Valentina's SP and FS

    Pang/Tong's SP
    Moore-Towers/Moscovitch's SP
    Savchenko/Szolkowy's FS

    Ice dance:
    Virtue/Moir's SD
    Paul/Islam's SD and FD
    Weaver/Poje's FD
    Cappellini/Lanotte's SD and FD

    I love Kovtun's SP and FS, Julia's FS, Volosozhar/Trankov's SP. But Russia has not announced who will go to Sochi yet.

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    Mao's SP, Akiko's SP, and both of Yuna's programs for ladies.

    Browns' FS, Hanyu's SP, and both of Abbott and Chan's programs in men.

    I haven't really been following dance, but I do enjoy D/W and V/M's programs, as well as S/S.

    The only pairs I like are S/S and S/H....

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    Ladies SP: Kostner's Ave Maria and Marchei's SP. Wagner's is good, too.
    Ladies LP: Kostner's Bolero. I am finally sold on it.
    Men SP: I don't really love anything. Chan's Elegie is good.
    Men LP: Jason Brown's Riverdance has grown on me. He really does perform it well.
    Pairs SP: I don't love anything, but Volosozhar and Trankov do have a pretty good program and Duhamel/Radford have a promising one.
    Pairs LP: Savchenko/Szolkowy and Stolbova/Klimov
    Dance SD: nothing. The Finnstep deserved better.
    Dance FD: Hurtado/Diaz's Surviving Picasso, and they had better qualify for the FD at the Olympics so that it can be appreciated by all.

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    yuna's sp and lp
    mao's sp
    julia's lp
    akiko's lp
    elena radionova's sp and lp...

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    Carolina Kostner, Akiko Suzuki, Yuna Kim SP and LP
    Mao Asasda, Gracie Gold SP
    Julia Lipnitskaya, Polina Edmunds LP

    Patrick Chan, Yuzuru Hanyu, Jeremy Abbott, Daisuke Takahashi, Tatsuki Machida SP and LP
    Jason Brown LP

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