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Thread: Women's Alpine Skiing

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    Mikaela is incredible! She is so young, I am sure her giant slalom will improve more, and she will start to take up events like the Super G and combined eventually. Such an amazing young talent.

    Great that Maze won Slovenia's first ever 2 golds here.

    The sad part of the competition was Svindal going home without a medal.

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    That was an exciting finish!

    Marlies Schild in the leaders circle, looking to become the oldest Women's Slalom Olympic Champion.
    Mikaela Schiffrin at the start gate, looking to become the youngest Women's Slalom Olympic Champion.

    Although I could see the desirability of both scenarios, I was firmly behind Marlies. Let's face it, this is probably her last Olympics. And for somebody who has been so successful in the World Cup (she has the most wins in Women's Slalom), it would be heartbreaking if Marlies finished her career without an Olympic Gold Medal...

    She missed getting it. Mikaela was absolutely magnificient!

    That girl is going to be fighting for medals for many years to come! And, as pangtongfan said, not just in the Slalom.

    Since myself and pangtongfan both mentioned Maze, may I just say that she looked absolutely scundered after the win! (If you don't know what that means, here's the Urban Dictionary definition. Please note, I'm from Mid-Ulster). I know that Mikaela winning meant that Tina was knocked off the podium, but she could have at least pretended to be happy for her!

    And when they came to do the podium ceremony, it looked like it still hadn't really sunk in with Mikaela that she had won!

    A moment that I did like was at the very end of the competition. The final skiier to do her 2nd run was Iran's Forough Abbassi. When she finished, Lebenon's Jacky Chamoun (who had come down 2 skiiers before Abbassi, and finished 1 place ahead of her) ran out onto the out-run area and gave her the biggest hug you have seen in a long time!

    I'll re-wind a bit now and talk about the girls from the UK that I mentioned in the previous post.

    Alexandra Taylor (representing Cyprus) was due to be the final starter in the first run. I don't know why, but for whatever reason she didn't start.

    My local representative, Florence Bell (representing Ireland) did manage to complete her first run, finishing 55th out of the 60 that finished. However, she did not complete her second run. She musn't have got very far, because when the TV cameras joined her after watching Jasmine Campbell's run, Flo was just skiing off to the side of the course with her head in her hands looking very annoyed with herself.

    From watching her first run in the Slalom, I think Florence's problem is that she is trying too hard. She does seem to have the technique, but she is pushing herself so much that she is running wide at every gate, and it is losing her lots of time. If she relaxed a bit, and let it all come naturally, then it would improve her times greatly.

    But, that is coming from somebody who has never even worn a pair of skis, never mind used them!

    Overall, although the Slalom is my least favourite of the Alpine disciplines, it was an enjoyable and exciting end to the Women's Alpine Skiing at the Sochi Olympics.

    Roll on Pyeongchang!


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