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    Here is some good advice!

    "Get a hobby. Any hobby. Whether it's white water rafting or collecting miniature tea cups, having a hobby makes you happier, ABC News reports of a large, 15-year research study from Southern Illinois University. Translation: Play is good for us.

    "Participating in leisure activities contributes to your physical and mental health and overall life satisfaction. You're healthier, happier, and more cheerful. You enjoy life more," lead study author Howard E.A. Tinsley, professor emeritus of psychology at Southern Illinois University, told ABC News. The study, which involved interviewing 4,000 people, showed that hobbies were beneficial to people from all walks of life--from high school students to aging widows. "People who were more active in leisure activities reported greater satisfaction of life; they scored higher on standardized tests about satisfaction," Tinsley added.

    And that's not all. David Schlenoff, a psychologist for the Baltimore County Public Schools, told ABC News that people who have hobbies function better in society. They're more balanced and relaxed. One reason may be the complete mental00and sometimes physical--absorption that comes with hobbies."
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