Well I know Smuckers was the main company for Nationals but those strawberries are horrible. Maybe make them a little bigger or something. The fist pumps don't bother me and neither does the crying. We saw skaters at the Intermediate and Novice level thoroughly pleased with their performances, jumping up and down on the ice, covering their faces, fist-pumping - maybe because they only fell twice or they landed a jump that had been bothering them. As we all keep saying - people handle things differently. Adrenaline affects people differently. A skater's own expectations may not be what the crowd expects them to be. Maybe he/she was nauseated throughout the program and managed not to barf. I just don't see why any of this is a problem.

As for Rickie Dornbush having to skater after Jason - he isn't the most consistent person in the world anyway and I do not imagine it takes much for him to lose focus (altho he did skate a beautiful SP and I believe he WAS emotional after.....just saying!) I think anytime someone lays down an incredible skate, gets a standing O, gets good scores, etc. it takes the energy out of the building. I was afraid that was going to happen when Gracie skated as the final skater in the LP but she just went out and laid it down. Again - different people react differently!!