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Thread: Natural talent vs Work Ethic

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    On a similar note, I listened to the interview with Frank Carroll on "The Skating Lesson," and at the very end, he talked about Mirai. The full exchange is here, and the questions start at about 1:01:45.

    To summarize, the questioner (Jenny Kirk) says she struggles with "discipline and focus" when she asks if he thinks she can be one of the women to make the Olympic team. Frank himself says (in summary) many of her issues are emotional and that she has heavy stuff in her head that she needs to sort out. She then asks about Mirai's under-rotations, and he says discipline is the key to solving them, getting into the rink and doing drills. Take that however you will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by desertskates View Post
    And since Mirai's been mentioned, I'll nominate Ashley for the work ethic group. There's not one thing, per se, that stands out about her skating (except her consistency up until nationals), but I'd bet anything that as we type, she's at the rink busting her rear end to be as ready as she can for Sochi.
    Oh yes! I'll leave Mirai out of it because I don't have any knowledge of her life. But Ashley for sure has squeezed every ounce of her talent to get farther than many every believed she could. I do think she is quite talented. Anyone who has ever tried a skating or ballet or a sport can see that anyone capable of a triple combo (or a bielmann spin for that matter) has plenty of natural athletic talent. Most of us would not be able to achieve that no matter how long and hard we worked. Even so, Ashley has pushed herself to her limits and her perseverance and refusal to be cast as just another skater is quite impressive. But she still has a down-to-earth quality about her. She's definitely a fun personality.

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