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Thread: Ladies SP - 2014 4CC

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    So happy for Zijun! That was a very decent performance. I watched the top three and Mirai's. It seems Zijun's PCS is relatively low. She should have got second highest PCS among the four IMHO. I do believe Zijun needs to show more sexy and passionate and sharp expression, and her move should show more power. The skating was powerful, just the movement of the arms not that sharp/powerful. A bit too sweet for a tango. Still it's amazing to see her skate a near clean SP. I guess a little bit dance training will bring her PCS to the high 7s even 8s. She get everything else, just need some tweak in facial expression and attitude. Go girl!

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    To be honest, I think Zijun's arms are very stiff; She uses her wrist or fingers to deliver the choreography sometimes but her upper arm and forearm have always moved like one piece. Korean ladies at this competition have much better arm movements than the Chinese ladies overall, which made me feel it is something her coach should pay attention to. I really hate to see a Zijun with no improvement in this area, looking at how much Gracie has improved in a matter of several months...

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    on another thread burntBREAD said that according to rosewood on FSU the Japanese media stated that Mura is Mirai's temporary coach for the time being, and that she also got ill right after nationals (somehow that doesn't surprise me) and has been fervently working hard to be ready for 4CC.

    Unfortunately I have no idea where the actual source came from but if the account is true then it adds some perspective.

    On a totally superficial note, I really liked Mirai's styling in the sp. I thought the pink lip was a really nice color for her.

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    I agree that Zijun needs to work on her presentation. She needs to be more smooth with her movements and express more.

    After that, she can be one of the best in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mao88 View Post
    3. Haruka IMAI (JPN) - 62.72 Short Program
    GREAT performance. Her arms are wonderful.

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    Only competition where judging appears normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skater Boy View Post
    Poor Mirai I thought she could win this one; but it will be hard; the scores are tight so she could move up a lot but 9th is a huge disappointment - actually I thought the Aericans would do better. Canada really didn`t look good. I think Amelie Lacoste might realize she is being shown the door - I remember a skater from canada years ago Jennifer Robinson - a a fine person I am sure but she was doing 7 painful triple programs and she was sewered like in 14th.
    Yeah, Jennifer Robinson really struggled internationally for years. She was never really able to break into the top ranks. I think the best she did was 6th in the FS at 2000 Nice Worlds. One of Robinson's many challenges was that she was so tall for a single skater (5'7). It made jumping more difficult and she was a bit ungainly and awkward. But a nice lady who I met and talked to a couple times. She said her exhibition program "Simple Gifts" was her Dad's favourite program.

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    1. Kanako MURAKAMI (JPN) - 64.73 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy, 5th Copy
    2. Zijun LI (CHN) - 62.84 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy, 4th Copy
    3. Haruka IMAI (JPN) - 62.72 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
    4. Satoko MIYAHARA (JPN) - 60.27 Short Program, 2nd Copy, 3rd Copy
    5. Hae Jin KIM (KOR) - 57.48 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    6. Samantha CESARIO (USA) - 57.40 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    7. Courtney HICKS (USA) - 56.36 Short Program
    8. So Youn PARK (KOR) - 55.91 Short Program, 2nd Copy
    9. Mirai NAGASU (USA) - 55.39 Short Program
    10. Amelie LACOSTE (CAN) - 55.19

    Ladies SP Complete Groups 1+2, Ladies SP Complete Groups 3+4

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