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Thread: Oksana Baiul Isn't The Brightest Bulb On The Chandelier

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    Family Feud

    I don't understand Oksana's 'toenails' answer either.But I have seen her on other shows,and she is a bright young lady.Such select 'snapshots' should not be something to censure someone over.

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    Was I the only one who thought Kat meant "Calves" and they took it as "cuffs"?

    I loved how they had them all come on today and there were 6 to a team. I thought that some of these questions were more difficult than they've been throughout the week. I'm sad that its over now too They should have the SOI cast on there everyday!!!

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    To the people who saw the show, who was the guy who answered "lovemaking" for things to do quietly in the dark? I can't see Todd E. saying that.

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