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There is no rule for the National Champion to skate in Team event, where did you even read that? Countries choose their best combination.
Also I think it is unfair for Reynolds not to have a team event medal, and I prefer to watch him over Chan but I m not wishing team Canada ill. There is no restriction on how you pick your team and afterall Team FS will be announced after the SP. Russians, they would either split Ice Dance or Ladies and they chose Ice Dance, but that is for now.
Yes, there is no rule. But considering the team event is about putting forth your best, and giving a chance for skaters to earn another medal (at least if you're from Russia/USA/Canada) it's hardly fair to exclude a national champion from the event.

If you prefer to watch Reynolds over Chan, that's fine, but the reality is that Chan is a MUCH higher placement potential - he could win the maximum points for Canada, whereas Reynolds could lose the gold in one fell swoop. Chan messing up would be the equivalent of Reynolds best effort (unless he somehow skates his 4CC LP from last year). Chan's scoring ceiling is about 20 points higher than Reynolds and there are a lot of men in between that, including Machida, Plushenko, Yan (if China makes the final) and even potentially Brown.