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Thread: Olympic Judges

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    Olympic Judges

    How are the judges for figure skating chosen and have they already been chosen? After they are chosen do they receive further training at seminars, etc?
    What criteria does a judge have to meet to be eligible to be considered? All kinds of questions bouncing around? Skating minds want to know!!!!!!!

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    From Ice Network, dated 9/30/2013 -- In Oberstdorf, after the last Olympic spot had been decided at the Nebelhorn Trophy, another selection took place: the judges' draw for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

    Countries that qualified entrants to the four events, based on finishes at the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships and Nebelhorn, were entered into the draw. Thirteen countries were drawn for each of the four individual figure skating events. Nine of those judges will be seated on the short program panel, which is drawn 45 minutes before the start of the event. The remaining four judges are swapped onto the panel after another draw 45 minutes before the free skates and free dance.

    With 13 judges drawn, most countries with skaters likely to figure into the medal mix in their events gained spots on the panels. One exception: Canada, home of three-time world champion Patrick Chan, will not have a judge on the men's panel.

    Kazakhstan, home to Denis Ten, who placed second to Chan at the 2013 World Championships, does not have an ISU-qualified judge and was not entered in the draw.

    The judges were drawn as follows:

    Men's: Spain, Japan, United States, France, Czech Republic, Germany, China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Estonia

    Ladies: Korea, Italy, Japan, United States, Canada, Russia, France, Sweden, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain

    Pairs: Russia, Germany, Canada, China, France, United States, Italy, Great Britain, Ukraine, Estonia, Israel, Bulgaria, Poland (These last two countries do not have pairs entered but were needed to fill out the 13-judge allotment.)

    Ice dance: United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, China, Australia, Japan

    For the new Olympic team event, nine judges for each of the four disciplines were drawn, and they will judge both the short programs and free skates. A country does not have to compete in the team event to have a judge seated on the panel.

    Ladies team event: Russia, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Estonia, Israel, Ukraine, China

    Men's team event: Japan, Uzbekistan, Sweden, United States, Russia, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, Great Britain

    Pairs team event: Russia, Germany, Canada, China, Great Britain, Ukraine, Estonia, Israel, Bulgaria

    Ice dance team event: Japan, China, Italy, Ukraine, Australia, Lithuania, Russia, Great Britain, United States

    The top 10 figure skating nations will compete in the team event, with Canada, Russia and the United States generally considered the strongest threats to medal. Of those countries, Russia will have a judge in all four disciplines, while the United States will have judges on the men's and ice dance panels. Canada will seat judges on the men's and pairs panels.

    All federations with judges drawn must provide the names of the judges selected for Sochi within 10 days of the publication of the ISU communication announcing this draw.

    According to Skating Magazine (Jan 2014), the US judges are:
    Sam Auxier (men and team event)
    Anne Cammett (pairs)
    Shawn Rettstatt (dance, team event dance)
    Robert Rosenbluth (ladies)

    The US Officials are:
    Troy Goldstein (Technical Specialist/Pairs)
    David Santee (Data and Replay Operator)
    Gale Tanger (Officials' Assessment Commission)

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