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Hi CaroLizafan,

I was just looking at the scores on the Google Doc, and I noticed that (only) for the team event, the max scores were still at 75? Were they supposed to be doubled and didn't get doubled (because of the Olympic/Worlds double scoring), or was the team event scored as regular at max 75?
See, I knew this would happen!

It was always the plan that the Team Event would be scored using the normal points system. When there was so much confusion over just who would be competing, I thought it would be unfair if it had more weight than, say, Europeans and Four Continents.

So, when I was doing the scoring for the Team Event, that is the reason that I put them on the spare sheet.

A few days later, I contacted the person who created the spreadsheet about extending the formatting due to us now having more players than she expected. However, when she did it, she also moved the Team Event results to a column on the Olympics sheet. She used the reasoning that they should all be on the same sheet as they were all part of the Olympics.

I argued that they should be kept separate because they are using different judging systems, and because they were essentially 2 different events held at the same venue. But, at the end of the day, she has more editing privileges than me. So, I was over-ruled.

As a result, we are now getting the confusion that I intended to avoid.

Oh well!