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Thread: searching for the right coach all over the world

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    searching for the right coach all over the world

    I am a Chinese and live in China.My daughter is going to 7 years old. She has learned figure skating for nearly 4years . Day by day. But I am worrying about her step now very much. Cause I think every aspect of skating is based on step, so I am eager for an excellent coach for her. However it is difficult to find one in the city of Harbin,China. Learning English becomes my job cause it will help me in studying figure skating. Until now there has not any foreign coach in figure skating who came to China. I like to have a try. I sent this message here to see if there is possibility or not. So if you are the one , please contact me to talk about it.

    I will appreciate the one who like to help me with some information about finding a coach.


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    What"s wrong with Chinese coaches? So many good ones there. Try Lu Chen.

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