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Thread: How Many Cell Phones Does One Need?

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    How Many Cell Phones Does One Need?

    I started out with Fido; then I changed to Clearnet because they had a better phone and rates - then Clearnet was bought out by Telus (used to be BC Tel) so I was with Telus mobility. Tonight, I bought a new Fido phone and new plan!!! Oh brother, do I have "phone itis" or what!!!!

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    I'm kind of the opposite. See, my cell phone is so old and so ugly they gave me my cell phone for free! I only bought 60 minutes because I only use it for emergencies. Its so pitiful I feel embarassed taking it out, my friends always make fun of me

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    I am a real weirdo in this regard -- I DON'T HAVE A CELL PHONE! I had one for a while, and I hated it. I think I am like the last person on earth without a cell phone. Don't know how much longer I can last though...:\

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