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V/M will no way lose to a clean I/K, C/L, or P/B. At the GPF, they beat P/B by 10 points and C/L by about 17 in the free skate alone. All three teams were clean. I/K didn't even qualify. D/W will probably win, though that is not so much because V/M have "glaring technical flaws".
Hey Bob squared don't even challenge sky fly it isn't worth it. anyways, the scoring as it is would suggest it doesn't matter who canada uses they can't win gold. It is highly unlikely Chan and V and M can beat their Russians by enough to make up the difference as well as allow for at least one spot surrendered by Osmond. Osmond deserves full credit; they couldn't ask for more. Too bad she skted first - she could have been third or fourth at least. I know ashley feels cheated but she was dang lucky; had Osmond skated later I think it is clear osmond would have beat Ashley which is possible because I believe at world's that happened.