So we have a new round of "Yuna is perfect and capable of everything and will win anyway" again because one poster criticized one aspect of her 3-3? Yawn.
I want Liza back in the game. When she was really on, I preferred her 3Lz-3T to all of Yunas, Gracies and Julias.

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Sotnikova is a better overall jump than both of them, and has all triples. She has Yuna's size and Lipnitskaya's rotation and landing finesse.
Sotnikova doesn't have the 3Lz-3T though. Honestly, I prefer her going for the 3Lz-3Lo, simply because I love that combination and we have enough 3-3Ts combinations around anyway (and she got one ratified!!!). Then again, when she had trouble with the 3Lz-3T last season, she struggled with the 2A-3T too. And look at that combination now - huge, secure, nicely rotated. She obviously worked on that and it improved big time. Maybe she'll go back to the 3Lz-3T somewhere in the future too, as she seems to still practice it.