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Thread: Skaters with a shot at gold and a medal in each event

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    So we have a new round of "Yuna is perfect and capable of everything and will win anyway" again because one poster criticized one aspect of her 3-3? Yawn.
    I want Liza back in the game. When she was really on, I preferred her 3Lz-3T to all of Yunas, Gracies and Julias.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nater
    Sotnikova is a better overall jump than both of them, and has all triples. She has Yuna's size and Lipnitskaya's rotation and landing finesse.
    Sotnikova doesn't have the 3Lz-3T though. Honestly, I prefer her going for the 3Lz-3Lo, simply because I love that combination and we have enough 3-3Ts combinations around anyway (and she got one ratified!!!). Then again, when she had trouble with the 3Lz-3T last season, she struggled with the 2A-3T too. And look at that combination now - huge, secure, nicely rotated. She obviously worked on that and it improved big time. Maybe she'll go back to the 3Lz-3T somewhere in the future too, as she seems to still practice it.

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    I think my issue with Julia's and Liza's 3-3 combos is that they look very methodical... especially Julia's "windup" into her 3T... it looks like they're doing an element, whereas Kim flies "through" her combo and gives it wow factor that makes it look like a highlight to open the program. I always get the sense that Julia or Liza is like "here's my first combo", whereas Kim is like "you're about to watch an amazing program".

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