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Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. Why didn't you just say, "Plushenko is a great champion, but I have to concentrate on my own performances and not be distracted by what the other skaters do."
Lol, what Patrick Chan said this time does not particularly bother me as a Plushy fan, and I do think the "Chan says Plushenko is a distraction, not a rival" title of some news reports a little misleading. But to be honest, in general I tend to see the "omg skater X said this about skater Y", etc. as trivialities. And in the other cases when it's not even really about other skaters but about skating itself or specific competitions, one can simply agree or disagree.

But what I was trying to say in my previous post is that to connive behind the scenes, and to spread false rumors about other skaters--that imho is not even anywhere near to being comparable, and it is not right. Perhaps the public does not have all information right now, but it simply does not make sense that Tarasova could say, in the same interview (and way ahead of time), both "of course Plushenko should go to Sochi, there should be no question about it" and "maybe Kovtun will compete in the team or individual event"--unless she had something in mind. By now, there really has been enough evidence to show that she (along with certain FFKKR officials such as Piseyev) were the ones who were behind this scheme of switching skaters between the team and individual competitions. And when Plushy briefly was entrapped by them, of course he was the one who got blamed and attacked for it.