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Thread: THIS is how figure skating commentary should look!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjuarez View Post
    Ryan is funny I like him a lot However I miss Dick and Peggy I just don't like Sandy and Scott, Sandy is always complaining and Scott is cheesy!!
    I like Scott A LOT! I love how he sets up each element and describes why each jump failed. He needs to stick around. I like his dramatic flair. He is a good antidote to Sandra who is dryer than my Granny's pot roast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanTThornton View Post
    I am so glad some of you liked it. Sorry if you did not. I must admit that the picture quality could have been better, we were hindered by the quality of the judges camera and have already put things in place to make this better for future events. If you do not like what I say during the pauses please feel free to mute me. The idea is not to detract from the skating and fill during the pauses. All of the feedback we got live during the event was great, the same with twitter. I suppose the skaters and fans were happy to be involved in a complete package which would not have happened at an event like this any other way. Moreover, we tried to connect the live stream to the skaters and the skaters to the live stream. I do not off course expect anyone with any negative comments to take anything I have said seriously. You would go down in my estimation if you did. I do not intend to change the way I do things. A final thank you to all those who got it, liked it and got involved. We have lots of fresh and exciting things coming up that will hopefully upset the old guard. OH, and thank you for anyone being negative. In the words of Oscar Wilde, "there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about."
    The ideal of figure skating commentary belongs to British Eurosport IMO, an opinion shared by many. If they talk during the performances, it is to briefly explain an element. After the performances are finished, they analyze the situation and the skating, often in a thought-provoking manner.

    Just because Oscar Wilde said it, it doesn't mean he's always right.

    If you welcome constructive criticism as a learning experience, then kudos to you. But you seem to think that attention means success. Maybe to some but not to many others.

    Long-time skating fans appreciate good analysis. Most of the time, I couldn't understand both you. Please enunciate. Talking about Denis' costume after his very good performance is lame. It's fluff. This is a poor man's version of TSL, if there can be such a thing.

    I always find it amazing that unfunny people are the ones who think they're funny. They're merely imitating people they think are funny, a.k.a. imitating the David Leases of the world. Humor requires talent and an eye for observation.

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    Welcome to Golden Skate, MusicGuy and RyanTThornton! It's good to hear from you both.

    Quote Originally Posted by MusicGuy View Post
    Hi everybody,
    I registered to make this post - hopefully there will be many more to come in the future

    First of all thank you loopy for posting this thread.

    I have a very specific perspective on this topic because I did the rink music for Mozart Cup.

    I had never met Ryan and Paco, his livestream producer, before the event and they're both the most pleasant people to work with. Also, they know their stuff.

    If some people didn't like it because of the video quality - well, as Ryan said, the judges' camera had to be used. That system is not HD yet, but it will surely improve in the future. It's all a learning process and in this case it very much was a decision of doing it this way or not having a livestream at all.

    And, of course, everybody likes different styles of comedy and entertainment in general. They could have done a very dry, factual commentary - but then I'm sure a lot less people would have watched, posted and tweeted.

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more livestreams done by the guys and hopefully working with them again in the future.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    Welcome to Golden Skate, MusicGuy and RyanTThornton! It's good to hear from you both.
    Thank you dorispulaski, much appreciated

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    MusicGuy and RyanTThornton, thank you for finding the thread!!!! Again, it was really a pleasure to watch the skating and not be interrupted and to have the gaps filled with interesting information, chatter, shout outs, social media - I think it really connected the audience watching from home. It was high spirited and did not detract from the skaters. Wishing you all the luck!!!

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