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I don't think it is an expectation of perfection that is the difference here. Male skaters perform in a free skate for 4:30 +/- 10 seconds and are limited to eight jumping passes. Saturday night, LeBron James played for over 39 minutes and took 22 shots. With defenders trying to stop him. It isn't exactly comparable. The comparison would be what percentage can LeBron get on the court alone in four and half minutes. I guarantee you it would be better than the 59% he shot Saturday night.

And, btw, punters miss field goals because they are punters and punts are different than field goals.
LeBron James has the luxury of time-outs, breaks every quarter, substitutions, and guys taking free throws to rest. A 4.5 minute is non-stop and requires a lot of precision and stamina... some have equated it to playing 3 periods of straight hockey. Obviously basketball requires a lot of different things when being defended and having to strategize and be precise with your shots and passes, but there are still a lot of breaks. 39 minutes is a LOT of minutes though for any basketball player.