Jason's ponytail: He said in an interview that his hair is very unruly... I forget the exact term he used however, and that as a child he was told.... by judges or someone or other?... to eithr cut it very short or grow it out and have a ponytail. Because they found it distracting. And he's had a ponytail since.

The 0,7 "in the demo". Well, I've been following ratings of US broadcast shows on Deadline, and "the demo" is apparently all that matters to the advertisers - as explained by posters earlier in the thread. I can add that scripted shows that hit 0,7 are almost immediately yanked off the schedule. The "demo" often does not watch live however, and the broadcasters are trying to make the advertisers also take into consideration the whole month of viewing (as of now they count Live+3 days, I believe.) So far without success. Shows with 7-8 million (or more, my memory for figures is very poor) viewers have been cancelled if the numbers have not been good enough in "the demo".

Somebody somewhere decided that people over 50 aren't interested in trying new things, and that's what the advertisers religiously believe.