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Thread: Three turn and Waltz Jump Techniques

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    Three turn and Waltz Jump Techniques


    Our club has added a new section to our website on skating techniques. The first two articles along with pictures are on three turns and waltz jumps. You might find them of interest.

    You can find them at...

    The Minto Skating Club

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    Re: Three turn and Waltz Jump Techniques

    Nice visuals! When I skated there was no such thing as a computer or any visual aids - except for our coach. We learned the hard way - just get out there and do it!! It's amazing what tools the kids of today have at their disposal.


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    Re: Three turn and Waltz Jump Techniques

    Those are good pictures. I started skating a couple of years ago, and when they wanted us to do something like a three turn, they just drew a half-circle with an X on top and said, "Here. Turn when you get to the X." It was the same with the waltz jump, although that involved a lot more falling. All of the people teaching classes when I was at a low level were just high school students who didn't really know what they were doing.

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