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Thread: Kwan's coach and Cohens coach

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    Kwan's coach and Cohens coach

    did you guys hear about this Go Figure! thing..

    all the coaches .. the big ones are having breakfast with the fans..

    Dear Skating Fan,

    We would like to introduce you to Go Figure! A brand new up-close talk with the coaches of the star athletes that you have admired for many years! We will be holding our first Go Figure! at Worlds 2004. While in Germany, you will have the chance to eat an exclusive breakfast with

    · Rafael Arutunian
    Coach of 2004 US National Champion, Michelle Kwan
    · Priscilla Hill
    Coach of 2004 US National Champion, Johnny Weir
    · Robin Wagner
    Coach of Olympic Champion, Sarah Hughes, and US Silver Medallist, Sasha Cohen

    Ice Dance
    · Igor Shpilband
    Coach of 2004 US National Champions Belbin and Agosto, and Punsalan/Swallow, Lang/Tchernyshev.
    · Alexander Zhulin
    Two-time Olympic Medallist and coach of 2004 Grand Prix Champions Navka/Kostamarov
    · Shae Lynn Bourne
    2003 World Ice Dance Champion

    · Tamara Moskvina
    Legendary coach of Olympic Pair Champions: Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze, Kazakova/Dmitriev, Mishkutenok/Dmitriev, Valova/Vassiliev, and of Ina/Zimmerman
    · Oleg Vassiliev
    Olympic Champion and coach of Totmianina/Marinin
    · Richard Gauthier
    Coach of 2002 Olympic Gold Medallists, Sale/Pelletier

    q Did you ever want to know what it was like to be a coach and stand at the barriers next to your old coach?
    q Did you ever want to know how the coach deals with his student’s biggest fear of competing?
    q How does the coach maintain a level of confidence for someone whose marks don’t reflect their effort or skill?
    Three sessions are available - Singles, Pairs and Dance. You will find the tentative schedule below. Please note that Panel speakers may change due to conflicts with the practice schedule.

    Come and have coffee and breakfast buffet while listening to your favorite coaches answer ‘back-stage’ questions and tell you about their coaching styles. After the panel discussion, we will be taking questions from the audience, so start thinking now!

    Thursday 9am 3/25 Singles Arutunian, Hill, Wagner
    Friday 9am 3/26 Pairs Moskvina, Vassiliev, Gauthier
    Saturday 9am 3/27 Dance Shpilband, Zhulin, Bourne

    Pricing (you may choose the discipline panel of your choice)
    $60.00 = 1 Breakfast
    $110.00 = 2 Breakfast package
    $165.00 = 3 Breakfast package

    Location: Hilton Dortmund

    Don’t forget – this is an exclusive program and the tickets are limited for each session. Please call us at 212 533 0778 to sign up or email us at for more information. Please send a check to Fireworks ICS, 295 Park Avenue South, Suite 2L, New York, NY 10010 or pay by credit card via the phone.

    We look forward to seeing you in Dortmund.

    Kind Regards,
    Fireworks ICS

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    Originally posted by Tonichelle
    I second that...

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    I am also impressed that the prices seem to be such that you don't have to be super-rich to attend. Nice!

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    Sounds very exciting. And if I had any money and could go to Germany I would love to go.:D

    Sounds like a great learning experience for everyone who gets to go though.

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