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Not the same situation. There was quite a bit of holdover from last Quad into this Quad, and the judges did a lot of work to hold down the up-and-comers to benefit them. I don't see the judges being as willing to rip off the younger skaters moving forward, if this season has been any indication. Asada, Kim, Kostner, Suzuki, Wagner are all holdovers.

This time, it will be different. All of the holdovers will be newbies, and countries like the US and Russia have a ton of Junior level skaters that will invade the senior ranks in a couple years.

[Karen] Chen

That's not talking about Sotnikova, Tuktamysheva (when she gets over her back issues), Lipnitskaya, Gold, and others.

If Mao wants to stay in until 2018, she will have to do 2-3 triple axels per competition for 4 more years because the judges will find it increasingly hard to justify gifting her wins based on PCS for that long.

I don't see her being competitive. Even now, she's pushing the envelop and I'm not sure she will be able to do 3 clean 3As, but anything can happen at the Olympics so we'll have to wait and see that...

Compared to the last quad there is an intimidation factor present now that wasn't then. Still I would like it if it was just Mao hanging in there whilst the new order shake things up. It would be an interesting new chapter in her competitive career.