Hi Everyone,

I know this is off topic considering most of the chatter is now about the Olympics or US National results, but I am interested in what it takes to become a figure skating coach. I am an adult skater but really enjoy teaching beginner adults how to skate in basic skills classes. I know that certification is required through PSA and US Figure Skating (at least one of them, both if possible). But can you become a coach without reaching the senior level, and if so, how advanced do you have to become in order to coach. I seem to think that some novice skaters have become good coaches. Perhaps an analogy will clarify...in basketball, it is often not the NBA player who makes the best coach but the "poor" college or high-school player who becomes an outstanding coach. Is figure skating similar to this. I would really love to coach figure skating, even if it is lower levels e.g. basic skills-novice. Thank you for all of your responses ahead of time