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Thread: Article Navka-Kostomarov

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    Article Navka-Kostomarov

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    Here is a translation. The article is a bit on the tabloid side, but still nice. One thing that I couldn't translate vey well is a very vernacular way that Roman talks (Navka's language is far more refined). For a picture of Roman's former partner Semenovich click on the link and look about half way down on the left.

    Roman Kostomarov had an eye for the coach’s wife
    Interview by Sergei Dadygin.

    Today, many predict Tatiana NAVKA and Roman KOSTOMAROV will be the next World Champions. At the Russian Nationals, they were without rivals. A few years ago, though, no one took them seriously. One thing that has played a part in the skaters’ success is that they have finally stabilized their complex personal and family relationships.

    To be honest, are you glad that both Lobacheva and Averbukh and Canadians Bourn and Kraatz, the strongest teams from last season, have retired?
    smiling: Certainly, we were lucky that they left, leaving a road wide open for us. Last year we were third at Europeans, and couldn’t medal at Worlds. This year I’m hoping things will be different. We’re getting used to being the favorites
    In February, Lobacheva and Averbukh are expecting a child, and they don’t plan to come back to ice. When you became a mom, how come you did not want to stop bothering with figure skating and dedicate yourself to your family?
    That’s what I was planning to do. But then Roma called, and asked me to skate with him again. For a week I was thinking: should I? I came to a conclusion, that were I to refuse, I would regret it for the rest of my life. Also, Sasha Zhulin convinced me to return.

    Ice doesn’t cool the love passion
    What made the situation interesting was that Roman Kostomarov has already skated with Navka, but decided to break with her in 1999. He partnered with a promising skater, a sexy beauty Anna Semenovich. It looked as if Kostomarov was the one who initiated the break up with Tatiana
    RomanIn reality, our coach Natalia Lininchuk decided to break us up. She said that I won’t get far with Navka, and that everything with Semenovich would be A-OK. Lininchuk is a respected coach, so I trusted her. Natalia Vladimirovna asked me to tell everyone that I wanted to switch partners, and that she has nothing to do with it. I was forced to acquiesce.
    Tanya Lininchuk played her role well, and acted surprised. Well, if that’s what Roman wanted, I had to step aside. But there is a silver lining – I’ve had a baby.
    Roman, what was wrong with Semenovich as a partner?
    We weren’t compatible. By temperament, by emotions, by hobbies, by anything. After a year, I reutilized we were too different to have anything work out. That’s when I called Tanya. I apologized. I asked her to come back.
    Do you follow Anya’s singing career? (Semenovich, after leaving skating, now sings as a part of the group “The Shining”)
    RomanSeldom. I mainly train in the US. Once, in Russia, I saw the video where the girls where singing of orange heaven. There is no singing there, but the swimsuits are amazing!
    Tanya Actually, Anya has a great voice. She often said that if it hadn’t been for skating, she would have become a singer right a way. I liked her performance with “The Shining” at the New Year “Ogonek”.
    Are you telling me that Natalia Lininchuk just agreed to have you, Roman, and Anna Semenovich leave her? I am sure you signed a contract with her
    Sure I did. And when I resumed skating with Tanya, there were problems. For two years we were trying to figure out who owes whom what. We even went to court. In the end, no one got any money. But our lawyers sure made a pretty penny!
    Tatiana, is it true that your previous partner Samvel Gezalyan once beat you up?
    I don’t want to bother the past. Samvel was a perfect gentleman on the ice, but at some point we did not match in characters. Also, he is much older than me, so that could have played a role. We broke up.

    Got her husband away from two skaters-rivals
    Tatiana Navka is 12 years her husband’s junior. Before, Alexander Zhulin was married to Maya Usova, with whom he became Ice Dancing World Champion in 1993. Usova still looks amazing, but Tatiana is younger, and very beautiful as well. Ultimately, Zhulin made his choice -- Navka
    Tatiana, didn’t it bother you that Alexander was married?
    Love fell on us from G-d knows where. I was just a girl, while Sasha had a rich life experience. We both realized we didn’t need this affair, that we had to stop it… Neither I, nor Sasha, nor anyone else around us believed that it would come to a wedding. But I guess nothing could have slowed down that torrent. Now that we have a family and a daughter, I don’t think that 12 years is such a big difference.
    When you run into Maya Usova, do you try to avoid the less successful rival?
    Sometimes we talk. Whatever Maya tells journalists about Sasha and me is her own business. I wish her health and happiness. I think, she has become kinder towards me over the years. And, if you really want to look, I wasn’t the one who broke her marriage. Maya has much more reason to hate Oksana Gretchuk. She was the one who broke their family. She pursued Sasha and forced herself on him.
    Why do people in Figure Skating world dislike Gretchuk?
    Because she is a bad person. Disgusting. She’ll betray anyone for her own gain. Gretchuk tried spoiling my life as well. When she skated professionally with Zhulin, Oksana went back to her old way. She tried having an affair with Sasha, this time stealing him from me. But I managed to show her where her place was.
    Roman, your partner has evidently found her happiness. What about you?
    I have a girlfriend, but I don’t want to think ahead. First have to finish this season, then we’ll see.
    Is she American
    What am I, crazy? It’s too tough to live and socialize with American girls! I just can’t get something that they have in their heads. I date the skater Yulia Lautusova. She is a Russia, a Muscovite, but she skates for Austria. But in her heart Yulia is one of us, a Russian.
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the terrific translation. I really enjoyed the interview. Navka just LOOKS fragile--but when it comes to her family, the blades... uh, claws... are out! :D

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    Thanks for translation.. I did not understand some words in the newspaper. Now all is clear

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    Thank you for the great translation! That was a great interview:D

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    One more interview after the championship Europe
    Photo with other partners
    Tatiana NAvka -Samuel Gezolian
    TAtiana Navka and Nikolay Morozov

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