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Thread: Michelle Kwan's Husband running for RI Governor

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenaj View Post
    I'm sure she has by now--she and Clay live in Providence. Not that it matters, since she is not the one running.
    It would matter if she wants to vote, which has nothing to do with who is running, but I checked and there residency requirements to vote in RI are quite easy to meet and I am sure now she has met them.

    Re voting: some of his detractors have pointed out that since 2004, when he first became eligible to vote in RI, he has voted in only 4 RI elections.

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    Now they are saying Pell's campaign slogan should be "Yes we Kwan."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
    You don't find new heroines. You add heroines to the life list. The same is true for heroes and teams.

    As for other skaters in politics, Otto Jellinek of Canada took part in Canadian politics and seems to be the Canadian ambassador to the Czech Republic. As a child, he fled Czechoslovakia along with the rest of his family but clearly has remained involved with Czech culture.
    of course, I'm teasing MM and saying Gracie needs a powerful advocate too. Gracie and Polina are the future. Michelle had her day and a half. Let's move on a bit, tho, to the kids who need our support today.

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