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Thread: Does Anyone Here Skate in Adult Competitions?

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    Cinderella On Ice

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    Does Anyone Here Skate in Adult Competitions?

    My coach is encouraging me to participate in adult competitions. I would have to do so at the gold level because of the ISI tests I passed as a kid. So that means that by December 31 of this year I'd have to pass both my USFSA Adult Gold Moves and Freestyle. I don't know if I can do that, but that's another story. Competition would be in April, 2004 and I would be in the Level III category, as I turn 46 in May of this year.

    I'm considering driving up to Ann Arbor, MI this April to see the Adult Nationals in action and scope them out.

    I'm looking for any information from anyone who competes in adult competitions--what's it like, how do you fit it in with your "real" life, how tough are these competitions, etc. etc. I don't even know what questions to ask, so anything you want to share with me, I'm all ears!!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Competitions & Tests

    Cinderella on Ice...

    First - you can certainly pass the necessary tests by December. The Gold MIF's are challenging - I worked on nothing else for a month to get to the point where I could even try to test. I've found that the judges are usually very supportive of the efforts of us older folks when we test - especially when we're doing axels!!!

    I haven't yet competed in an all-adult competition, but I did do my first competition yesterday. As I said in the other thread, it was scary but the building didn't fall down, nobody laughed at me, and I ended up having fun despite falling on the axel and forgetting parts of my program! The weirdest thing was watching the tape of my performance afterwards - how did I end up looking like an adult skater when in my mind I'm still a kid? :lol:

    Come on up to Ann Arbor. I'll be there - Gold level II. I've only seen a few other Gold skaters compete (I didn't watch anyone else yesterday) so I'm looking forward to seeing other skaters too!

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    Cinderella On Ice

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    Re: Competitions & Tests

    I'm totally impressed! Congrats sk8r1964 on making it through your first competition and thanks for the encouraging words.

    In some ways, the biggest difference between skating as an adult and skating as a kid is that your mom and dad are no longer standing there on the sidelines cheering you on! So every little bit helps.

    Today I tried the first 5 Gold Moves for the first time, and I was encouraged that the 4 moves with the double three turns and the power circles should not prove too much trouble.

    However, my first time doing the power stroking with the back and forward 3-turns around the ends was positiviely nauseating! Barf-a-rama. I know that it will get better with time, but yuk.

    I also think the brackets will be very challenging, but I will just have to focus on them extra much.

    As it gets closer to the Nationals, we'll have to exchange emails or something so I really CAN look you up. I don't have the schedule in front of me right now, so I don't remember--does Level II skate on Saturday like Level III? Or are you on Friday?

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    Re: Competitions & Tests

    Cinderella on Ice -

    On the Gold MIF's, I had the worst time trying to check the forward double 3's - but on my test I ended up scoring the highest on that move (of course, I practiced them a lot!).

    The power stroking w/the back/forward 3's are very challenging. I called them the nasties. I found that when I was able to develop a rhythm to the end pattern, they worked out ok. I found the brackets challenging, because I always had done them with a moving free leg (like in freestyle) and my coach made me learn them with my free leg tucked right along my ankle. In my test, I got so tired that I really faltered on my brackets, but they let me reskate them and after a brief rest I was ok. Passed the test by 2 of 3 judges, which was good enough for me!

    I'm sure with your background that you will not have any real trouble getting the Gold MIF's. I think having the figures background does help.

    I skate on Saturday at Adult Nationals. Ann Arbor's not my club, but they are in my backyard so I'll be volunteering to help and will probably be around at least part of each day. I've gone ahead and turned on my PM capability here so we can talk outside of the forum if you'd like. I noticed that you'll need to turn yours on too. I assume it works the same way as on another board that I frequent.

    Good luck on the MIF's and the rest of your skating!

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    Ann Arbor


    I have skated at many adult events and Nationals since 1997. I will be in Ann Arbor this year for both Adult Pairs (my first try) and in Adult Silver Men (my 4th time).

    I love the entire experience. Adult skaters are very supportive of each other and the competition has validity and strict standards. It's truly participating in the sport we love to do at the highest level we are able to do.

    The more the merrier, and I wish you good luck in training!


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    Wyandotte & AN

    Hey, Adult Skater!

    I know two guys who should be skating Silver at AN, one of whom is also skating in pairs. Are you coming to Wyandotte?

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    Cinderella On Ice

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    Re: Ann Arbor

    Thanks, AS, for the good wishes. I, of course, wish you all the best in both your events.

    Unfortunately, I think my husband and I have decided not to drive to Nationals this year as our schedules are tight AND there is a special 2-day skating clinic being given by Kathy Casey at our rink and I'd really like to attend.

    But I hope to compete in Nationals next year and would love to look you up there (as well as sk8er1964) so that I'll "know" some folks when I get there.

    I hope that knee is healing up -- I did the same thing a couple of months ago, and somehow managed to bruise three sides of two knees. That was when my skate/boot broke, but still!!! I can't figure out the physics of the injury, but it didn't slow me down, so all is well.

    Again, best wishes for the competition you're in in two weeks.

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    I DO!

    Hi fellow adult skaters! I'm so glad to know there're many other adult skaters out there.... and I am one of them. I started competing last year when I turned 25. It was a big challenge for me, but no one except myself forced me into the competitive scene. I just did it for myself, to enjoy it.

    There're many levels and classifications, therefore you won't be competing against people who are at the olympic level, lol. What I found very interesting about adult competition is that we get to know a lot of people, out of our daily circle of friends, who are eager to support a total stranger. And of course, we get to go bar hopping after competitions and have lots of fun, even though it only takes us a second to get back talking about skating!

    I would like to encourage every single adult skaters for competition. I just wanna share the fun with other skaters. Cheers!

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    Re: I DO!

    I don't know if I'd even compete in adult, but I suppose so when I get to a level where I can (I'm 17...started skating last year at 16). Anyone have any ideas about this one? LOL. I'm a little lost about competitions, although I know I'd loooove to be in some!


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    Adult competitions

    Lanechka -

    You can compete in young adult events at adult competitions when you are 18. Then when you are 25, you can compete at Adult Nationals.

    I think that many local competitions would have events that include your age group - I competed at age 16. It depends on your level and how many skaters they have of each age group. I'm skating in a competition tomorrow where they have all levels from Basic Skills to Senior, and one lone adult skating (that's me!).

    If you have a coach, ask him/her about it. If you don't have a coach, and want to compete, you will need to find one. Good luck!

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    Re: Adult competitions

    If I ever develop skills good enough to compete at any level I think I would do it. It would be fun to meet other adult skaters from other clubs! But right now I'm concentrating on dance and as it is, I have to test with my coach. There doesn't seem to be much of a supply of adult male ice dancers at my level. When I make it through to my Bronze dances I'd like to prepare for the pre-prelim moves in the field and pre-bronze freestyle.

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