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Thread: Thrilling/Chilling Lessons and Practices, 2/10/03-2/16/02

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    Thrilling/Chilling Lessons and Practices, 2/10/03-2/16/02

    I'm hope nobody minds if I start this here: A weekly thread to discuss how our lessons and practices are going--both good and not so good

    Chilling: The weather---ick!!!! Plus my two left feet this morning when I started skating. For the first five minutes, I couldn't remember how to bunny hop properly!!!

    Thrilling: Finally got those bunnies under control. Reworked the footwork program to have some inside edge "slides" (picture doing inside edges without pushing off with the free foot) after the series of 3 half flips with mohawk entrance. Also got the ending smoother. I think its going to work.

    Everyone not familiar with this--do you get the idea? Let's here how your skating is going!!!!


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    Re: Thrilling/Chilling Lessons and Practices, 2/10/03-2/16/0

    I'll play!!!

    Haven't had my lesson yet this week, but in practice...

    Chilling: I'm still hurting, so did only one jump today - which hurt . Need and want to start up on the axels and doubles again, but the body is not cooperating. Going to a sports medicine place tomorrow to talk to them about it.

    Thrilling: Saw a video of me skating (no - that wasn't the thrilling part <img src= ALT=":\"> ). Learned that I really wasn't bending my knees enough so worked on really concentrating on my knee bends. Practiced the various parts of my program (sans jumps) and I think it feels a lot better as far as speed and control goes. Sit spin felt lower today too.

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    Chilling: My double salchow is still 2-footed, and my coach had to change my program for the compeititon coming up. I only did one run through today were I landed all my jumps, all other ones I fell at least once. =( My speed needs to be faster, as always. One of my compeittion dresses isnt finished yet! yikes.

    Thrilling: My axel/loop has more height/flow. Im feeling better prepared for the competition. Did one run-through a little bit ago were I put in all my double jump combo's. Didnt land them 1-footed, but had great take-off attempts, managed to not fall, not even on the double lutz attempt. New sit-spin varaition is coming along better.


    P.S. Great topic!

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    Re: skating

    Thanks sk8bunny. I can't take credit for originality as its been used at other boards, but its a fun way to keep each other up on our progress and learn from each other. Its also fun to see who will leap up and start it each Monday and come up with the terms to describe the good and bad.

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    Cinderella On Ice

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    Re: Thrilling/Chilling Lessons and Practices, 2/10/03-2/16/0

    GREAT idea to post this way. Hope everyone is willing to do it every week.

    Chilling: Working on adult Gold Moves and got totally nauseated the first time I tried the backward power stroking with back & forward inside 3-turns around the ends. Yuk! But it will come!

    Thrilling: It's a kick to be working on a whole new set of moves, and my forward and backward power circles and forward and backward double 3-turns are pretty strong for the first time out. In fact, after the power circles, I thought my thighs might burst into flames. I hear the judges give you extra points for that!

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    About those flames...

    Cinderella: Ahh, but do the flames have to be of a certain height, and do you get a deduction if the fire goes out before you complete the move?

    Chilling: My first attempts at doing a clean curve (one foot swizzled curve) into my forward pivots in my freestyle program. That one will take a little practice as coach wants to smooth it out. Also, doing forward threes at speed is still a bear, but they are coming. Biggest goal today was to keep things flowing so I don't slow down before every element--no telegraphing allowed in this program!

    Thrilling: Reworked the freestyle program to take out the two foot turns needed when my skates were still new and put in three turns and changed half flip to mohawk entrance. (This is an ISI Freestyle 1 program, so half flip is a required element). Toeloop and salchow are still with me, coach was pleased. She wanted to keep going on the higher level tricks as she doesn't want me to just work on competition and then forget everything above Freestyle 1!!! :lol:

    Good skate, but my poor coach was so sick. Between Norwalk virus and colds/flu, illness is taking a toll on everyone <img src= ALT=":o"> and then there's the LUVERLY cold weather of course...

    Stay warm everyone, and happy skating!

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    Cinderella On Ice

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    Re: About those flames...

    Yazmeen, sounds like you are having a good time with the freestyle program, and it's always great when the jumps are still around! I've been concentrating these last three weeks so intently on the Silver Moves, that I had not been doing any jumping at all. So, like you, I was excited today when my lesson included a rundown of all the ones currently under my belt (up through the lutz). I was also glad we didn't work on axels today, as I had worn myself out with those flaming thighs!

    What music is your program set to? And I don't have my book available, so can you tell me how long the program is for Freestyle 1?

    How often do you have lessons and how often do you practice (and for how long)?

    OK, enough questions.

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    My lesson! :)

    Okay! My lesson!

    <strong>9am 15 Feb 2003</strong>

    <strong>Thrilling:</strong> Doing waltz jumps in both directions and doing them a few times in a row without hurting myself.

    <strong>Chilling:</strong> Trying to do a catch foot spiral and falling on my back (that HURT).

    It was kind of boring as I'm in a class (Gamma/Delta... our rink is on ISI stuff, alas!) and we worked on 3 turns which is killin' everyone but me..

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    Princess Leppard 625

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    Re: My lesson! :)

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">Okay, my lesson was Monday, and I practiced Thursday.

    CHILLING: I didn't fall on Thursday (but it was a public session, didn't get to practice much), but then slipped on the ice <strong>OUTSIDE</strong> on the way to my car. Weird.

    THRILLING: being able to do a right forward outside three turn, then being able to turn and go forward into crossovers. I did this on my first try. Why can't everything else come this easily???


    Laura </span>

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    lessons this week

    Hi all---

    I have two or three lessons a week involving pairs and singles. I'll just lump stuff together, as this is a very fun topic.

    This week.....

    Chilling: Bone bruise on the outside of the right knee falling on axel attempt. Got very lightheaded after one run through and had to sit down. Finding it harder and harder to want to go out into the dark and cold for early practices (I like sleeping in my warm bed with my partner and my purring cat ) Have not done a full run through of my singles program yet.

    Thrilling: Started to develop muscle memory and better technique in my axel. Made many more than I missed. Finally landed one with music. Lifting in pairs showed progress.....moving the lift down the ice and having better flow. Improved pair camel spins and sbs spins. Worked footwork to improvement also. Pair run throughs going better with each try.

    For me---two weeks to competition! My first in Pairs and Silver at the same event. We'll see how it goes, as both events are on the same day.

    Thanks for the thread,


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    Re: lessons this week

    Cinderella: My Freestyle program is one and one half minutes, to "Theme from Route 66" by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, an instrumental from an early sixties TV series about two good looking guys on a road trip in a yummy baby blue Corvette. Required elements are forward pivot, two foot spin, spiral, waltz jump, half flip and backward outside and inside edges in sequence. Footwork is one minute (all that is permitted at any ISI level), set to "Happy Feet" a cute song by a band out of Texas, "Eight and a half Souvenirs."

    I usually have two half hour lessons per week with a private coach, and skate 4-5 hours per week in season and 2-3 hours in the summer.

    Chilling: The weather, which has ruined skating this weekend. Yesterday's completion of my lesson at the semi-outdoor rink I skate and assist at groups with was cancelled due to weather as the rink opted not to hold hours (I imagine the wind and light snow was a problem as the rink is covered but has open sides). Today my main rink closed early as the winter storm has started early--we're about 40 miles north of Philly and are really going to get socked in by snow.

    Thrilling: Sigh, nothing, no skating, with competition in 3 weeks... Darn snow!!!

    Stay warm, everyone.

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    FS I Program

    Hello Yazmine---

    I hope you don't mind me sharing some of my skating experiences. Your discussion about your FS 1 program brought back such nice memories for me. I started skating in October, 1994 in Group lessons at my local rink, which has the ISI Curriculum. Because I'm an adult and I worked so many hours outside of class and was barely starting private lessons---I had some slack in terms of being able to do what I wanted to try to do.

    The elements in each ISI level are specified and dictated and in the rule book. It was this that allowed me to choreograph and perform my first program---it was ISI 1.

    The elements are a 2 foot spin, a forward inside pivot, a forward spiral, a waltz jump, a half flip, backward outside edges and backward inside edges. I chose the music "Russian Dance" from 'Swan Lake', and cut it to 1:30 seconds. After listening to it many times, I simply placed the elements in order (spiral, the edges, the pivot, three turns into waltz jump, the half flip and the 2 fot spin) and practiced on the rink to space them out well.

    I remember the thrill of doing it from start to finish, passing the ISI 1 test and doing my first ISI Competition in December, 1995. It gave me motivation to keep choreographing programs (and getting help along the way)---which I have continued to do to this day, although I don't always choreograph for myself anymore (you learn a lot from someone else teaching you a program).

    I hope you feel the same thrill I did at doing an entire program, maybe for the first time (like my first time), that you created and practiced yourself.

    It's what skating is all about for me---not necessarily trying to be the best or win a competition, but getting that thrill of performing a program well and (hopefully) showing continued improvement with each new program.

    Keep up the good work! One day we may all meet at Adult Nationals as athletes. How nice would that be?


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    Re: FS I Program

    AS: This is actually my FOURTH year competing ISI: I've done Alpha, Gamma and Delta (Gamma was hysterical--my other fun passion is middle eastern dance and I "bellydanced " on ice to a Turkish pop song).

    My coach is a sweetheart, and this year was the first time she chose my music--she's always allowed me to pick it myself, but this year I asked her to do it, and her choices were perfect. My late father was a Chevy dealer and I can just remember "Route 66" on TV (I'm 45) and I always loved that theme song, not mention the Vette. She found it on a CD called "Ultralounge"--its all lounge/cocktail music from the early sixties. Does this woman know me or what? I gave her the album with "Happy Feet" a couple of years ago and she used the song for a footwork program for one of her younger students and suggested it back to me when she brought up a footwork program for me. She always allows my input on programs, and the gamma program was alot of my own choregraphy adapted from a bellydance I learned from one of my own mentors in dance. Isn't it fun to put a program together? I just love it. I hope to take my first USFSA tests this year. I just love skating, its my absolute passion--aside from my husband and our Lucy cat, of course :D

    I'm a true adult skater--started at age 41, skating for almost four years now. I'm not a natural, I fight for almost every skill, but I just love it. My original goal was only to learn how to go forwards and backwards--gee, I think I"ve gotten past that a little!!!!

    Its great to see everyone responding to this thread. OK, here's the challenge. Someone pick the adjectives (like thrilling/chilling, wonderful/woeful, etc. you get the idea) and start a new thread tomorrow!!!

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