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Thread: Favorite skating move that YOU do

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    My favorite moves/least favorite moves

    Hello, this is a nice topic, and I hope we get a lot more posts from people who skate at all levels. The insight is so helpful, and as I am a student of the sport, I'd love to share thoughts.

    My strengths are good positions, line and flow. Power and speed are adequate, and even really good at times, but this can always get better with consistent training. My weakness in competition is not wanting to make big mistakes, so I often will skate clean programs without the power, speed, abandon and feeling as I do in practice or exhibitions or in a show. I can be reserved and don't always show the power and the command of my elements that I have in practices. My spins are adequate, with constant tweeking and attention to speed, they are better. Clean footwork, done well, but not terribly fast-footed or intricate----definitely better turning counterclockwise. I have a fair sense of music with good posture and a classical style.

    Favorite jumps: Lutz and split jump (working on split-flip!)
    Favorite spin: Flying camel
    Favorite glide: The left back outside spiral---layover position
    Favorite steps: Double forward inside three turns, double back outside three turns
    Favorite moves-in-the-field: Power outside three turns

    Least favorite jump: Salcow
    Least favorite spin: Back sit spin
    Least favorite glide: Spread eagles and Ina Bauers---I lack flexibility in my pelvic turnout muscles---these are awkward things for me to try at all.
    Least favorite steps: choctaws
    Least favorite moves: Double forward outside three turns.

    Favorite Pair move: Pair camel spins of 2 varieties
    Least favorite pair move: Moves going couterclockwise, my partner's natural direction
    Favorite Pair Glide: a left forward outside spiral on my part, she is in a back outside spread eagle (working this one---infancy stages right now)
    Favorite Pair "moves": sbs power mohawks
    Least favorite spin: sbs camels---doing them so close totally changes your view of it, and the timing is very different from singles, and her skate gets close to my head sometimes

    Going well---throw waltz jump, 2 basic lifts, sbs jump combo, sbs flips, sbs sit spins
    Needs work---all the lift footwork, the lutz lift, choctaws and double brackets, sbs camel spins

    Thanks that was fun.


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    NatureGirl 89

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    Re: My favorite moves/least favorite moves

    There's too many I like! One of them is the cannonball. Beilmans are fun too, as long as you stretch. If you don't, it can be V-E-R-Y painful. Catch foots are good too, not neccessarily in a spin. I like a whole bunch of footwork moves too.

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    Princess Leppard 625

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    Re: My favorite moves/least favorite moves

    I have, at the moment, a very limited range of moves. I do like back crossovers, I think they are fun and I love the speed you pick up. Now that I can spin without falling and cracking my tailbone (that happened in May...ouch!), I actually like it. But I'm just working on a basic one foot spin, nothing too cool.

    I love reading what everyone else can do, it's kinda inspiring for me.



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    lubb anqel xD

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    Re: My favorite moves/least favorite moves

    i lubb 2 do tha back spiral, it createz thiz great feeling. i also like to do mai lutz jump, itz weird, but thaz mai best jump.

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    My favorites --

    Spin - Flying camel
    Jump - Flip
    I love footwork sequences.

    Least favorites --
    Spin - layback (my old body just can't do that any more!)
    Jump - lutz

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    Re: Favorites

    Biggest favorite: Spiral. I love to hit speed and just fly in a forward spiral.

    I also really like: Waltz jump, half toe walley, half flip, especially out of mohawk. Footwork is fun, too, and I'm enjoying toeloop and salchow.

    My nemesis: The left forward inside three turn. It hates me, I hate it, but I'm determined to conquer it.

    Dying to learn and finesse: A solid one foot spin and an Ina Bauer

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    Re: Favorite skating move that YOU do

    I can't do much either, but I really enjoy doing spirals (I can do catch foots where I pull my leg right up to my face, it freaks people out) and waltz jumps. I'm starting to put stuff together... going forwards, turning backwards, blah blah. I like mohawks also. I can do a sort of Spread Eagle (but it's in a wide circle, I can't just glide, I automatically turn, but it's still fun!). I generally like everything -- but spinning. Spinning is my nemesis. It's interesting how I can do a one foot spin (which we've never "learned" in class) but my two foot spins are so horrid! I've just been playing around with various things I see people doing around the rink.


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    Re: Favorite skating move that YOU do

    Stepping onto the ice and gliding. :D

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    Favourite Skating Move that YOU do

    I've always loved the split spiral, flying camel and lay-back spins, and the feeling of flying I get from the double-axel ...

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    Favourite Skating Move that YOU do

    I love doing 2 sals, axels, outside spread eagles and the Paso and Westminister.

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    Re: Favorites

    I have so many favorites...but my favorite favorites are half luttz from footwork, catchfoots spin and sit spin.

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