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Thread: favorite figure skating fansites

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    favorite figure skating fansites

    What are some of your favorite figure skating fansites?(non official ones).

    What do you like in a site?

    (Feel free to self premote here )

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    Michelle Kwan World has plenty of good skating information, just like this site of course. It is looking for at least a few more members, and possibly even Michelle (I sure hope so) to post. She is an amazing athlete and idol. No wonder Michelle deserves to give back to her fans! :D

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    The Skate Blade - has both official and unofficial websites... and I think it's a really fun place to read about skating... then again I help the webmaster out with graphics sometimes so I'm biased

    and I have a site on there - Scott Hamilton Fan Site

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    Must do a little plug for my website:

    Ice World: Andrea's Figure Skating Corner

    Also I enjoy some of these sites as well:

    Official Sale & Pelletier

    Official Megan Wing & Aaron Lowe

    Official Elizabeth Putnam & Sean Wirtz

    UnOfficial Sarah Hughes Fan Site ( aka Diane's Rink)

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