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Thread: Gracie Gold on the cover of Sports Illustrated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha'sSpins View Post
    Hmm. I wonder if Gracie's skate guards might eventually have their own twitter account? Like the bat at U.S. Nationals last year (or Disson Championship or whatever it's called these days).
    It can join the likes of Jason's ponytail, Maxim Trankov's yellow pants and Yuzuru's Pooh tissue box.

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    Gold admires YuNa. (:

    Gold has one bit of anxiety remaining. She admits to being awed by the Olympic champion, Kim. "She's so smooth," Gold says. "She isn't just piecing jumps together; she has one complete program where everything flows together. It's beautiful and that's how I want to skate.At last year's worlds in London, Ont., where she finished sixth, Gold happened to enter a restaurant where Kim, the champion, was eating. She wanted to approach her idol for a photo. "I was too chicken," she says. "Do I want to be a fan like that? Eh."I was too chicken"
    "Gold would prefer to engage Kim while both are on the podium, perhaps in Sochi. "It would be so cool to find the cameras first," Gracie says, "and tell her, 'Yu-na, look over there.' It would be, shall we say, a Golden moment.
    - Sports Illustrated

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