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    I appreciate the fact that he has struggled with ADD, but I've also felt at times that Shep could also be a wee bit more disciplined

    I promise not to go into a diatribe about the perils of ADD (something I deal with, so I well familiar). I would just add that as a person with ADD the fact that Shep made it to nationals as many times as he did is a tribute to his fortitude and determination.

    The concentration required to be an elite figure skater is enormous. To be able to do this with a condition that underminds this vital skill means that he probably had to work 3 or more times as hard as another skater with his "natural skating ablities."

    One last thing, the last I heard, Shep also was one of the company reps for Swarovzski(sp) Crystal Company. They sell crystal products to almost anyone who utilizes them from chandeliers to trophies. I hope that Shep is happy and doing fine, he seems to be the type of person (having met him a couple of times) that will take his experiences as an elite figure skater, at least at the national level, and allow it to make him a more well rounded person. If you ever get the chance to meet him yourself, you may find him to be one of the most "what you see is what you get" kind of folks you've ever encountered. Mike Weiss might be as lucky as to follow THIS example of what Shep does that he may WANT to copy. LOL

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    Thanks for the information! I always appreciate hearing about things like ADD from one who has dealt with it personally. There's nothing like information from one who is living through it. I appreciate your candor and courage.

    I was actually teasing on the disciplined part with Shep - it's hard enough for some of us *without* an undermining condition to stay disciplined sometimes, that's for sure. I really appreciate what he's been able to accomplish and hope he continues to do whatever makes him happy.

    Boy oh boy - I've been collecting Swarovski crystal for about 20 years : I wonder if he could arrange a discount on some of those big collector's items?? Just joking, just joking...

    Mike Weiss might be as lucky as to follow THIS example of what Shep does that he may WANT to copy. LOL
    I can't disagree with that. Several could follow that example, IMO.

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    Lil Lion wrote:

    Also - he was a silver medalist at Jr. Worlds : can anyone tell me if it was the 89 Jr. Worlds or the 90 Jr Worlds (Jr Worlds used to be held in December, so 89 Jr Worlds would have been held in December 88, for example). Also, what country were the championships held in! Any information would be helpful!
    I had a little bit of that competition on tape, and I think it was at the end of 1988, Lil. And it was held in Sarajevo. I think. Either that, or Budapest.

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    Thanks for the info on Jr. Worlds - I thought it was 89 Jr Worlds (which would have been in late '88 at the time) but I wasn't sure. I hope I can get of copy of that competition on tape at some point.

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