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Thread: camel spin

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    camel spin

    I need help on my camel spin!!!! Will someone give me tips on entrance, centering, etc.???
    Thanks for any help!!

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    The camel spin


    The camel spin can be tricky in that it is one of those spins where one day you do beautiful ones, and other days you seem to have "lost it", especially when trying too hard. The camel spin requires extension, extension and extension and deep knee bend on the entrance. If you are too tense getting into your spin position, the spin will not happen.

    OK---some basics. In terms of centering, you must be stepping into the circle on the correct arc. For a conventional spinner, this means that if you are stepping too far to your right (outside the circle), you will fall out of the spin. If you step in too far to the left (inside the circle), you will travel (bring your passport) before falling out of the spin. Step in on the correct arc, pushing off an edge instead of a toe pick, and your spin (ANY spin) will center well.

    For the camel spin, it is important to realize that the spin comes from the SKATING leg. The free leg must be extended behind you, turned out and pointed toe. And I MEAN BEHIND YOU---your free foot needs to be as straight behind your buttocks as you can make it (back arc and flexibility help). If it is out to the side, your spin will travel or fall over and not happen.

    You do NOT, and I MEAN DO NOT, EVER, EVER, EVER get into the habit of stepping in on a short edge and throwing your leg up like your would a spiral. Your spin will never happen, or it will catch the toe pick and you will go super slow. This is a common bad habit skaters young and old make, and it's hard to break.

    So, back to the spin. You step into the spin with a very deep knee, keeping your chest absolutely parallel to the ice, your left arm extended at shoulder level in front. Look at your left hand as your bend deeply and stretch your body into the camel position. This position is....

    1. Deeply bent left knee,
    2. Body parallel to the ice, left arm stretched forward to counterbalance your free leg,
    3. Free leg stretched behind your buttock with back arched to get it higher than hip level, turned out and toe pointed.
    4. Right arm stretched back, parallel to your free leg.

    Now, you may spin. Simply straighten your SKATING leg, pressing down on the entire foot and heel of the blade. Let the spin happen, maintain your position, hold it hold it hold it.

    You will do magnificent spins then. Remember....take your time and be relaxed. Step in on a deep knee, nice left outside edge, stretch into position, then quickly press up on your skating knee and hold it. Don't forget to breathe! Smile !!!! Smile !!! and when you exit, don't forget to push out very strongly on a strong right back outside edge.

    : ) Hope this helps,


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